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Don't Look Back In Anger

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The last week of school was the 'hardest' to get through in a sense that I knew semestral break was just a few minutes away and yet I still had responsibilities to fulfill before I could enjoy that break. Also, this was the week that my immune system finally broke down on me. Tsk tsk. I'm disappointed.

Still, it was a pretty good week considering I got sick and was still able to accomplish what I needed so I could finally start semestral break. As of press time, I have 195 days left till graduation and still very very clueless as to what I want to do 'when I grow up.' Maybe, I should consult The Pussycat Dolls. They may have the answer.

  • I finally took the BC 190 test on Monday and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, I didn't get the bonus question correct (Mi Ultimo Adios), but I've let it go. I don't want to go crazy thinking about it anymore. It rained like crazy, so I had to wait for it to die down. Luckily, I was with my friends, so it wasn't so bad.

  • Anna and I had no more Tourism to deal with, so we went to the BC 136 class's final project (it was a symposium of sorts but not quite). We ended up learning how to enrich ourselves not just materially, but spiritually and mentally. It was a fab experience, considering I wasn't expecting anything out of it.

  • We headed to Max right after and we missed the place sooooo much!!! It was nice to hang out in the booth again and with Bryan! We met a listener, who ended up auditioning to be a Campus Patroller, Justin! He was really nice and is a potential actor for my thesis with Anna. How providential. Ending the day with an even better episode of Chuck is always fabulous. I love this show to bits.

  • Because I didn't we would be having class on Wednesday for BC 130, I totally didn't get to work on the documentation for the event. I was able to cram everything Tuesday afternoon in time for submission on Wednesday. Never again. I will be less into cramming on my last semester. Promise.

  • I was dreading Wednesday morning because I wasn't exactly sure how people felt about the event we staged last week, but I shouldn't have been too scared, because it was a fab event anyway and the class appreciated it. We ended up back at Max that afternoon and it was fun as usual. Our boss wasn't there either so no pressure at all. Plus, getting to watch 90210 when you get home is always a great thing.

  • I started doing my Comm 110 project Wednesday evening, thinking I would finish it on Thursday. But because coming up with content was soooo tiring, I ended up finishing all of the content at 5 in the morning and waking up at around noon to actually make the freaking code of ethics.

  • By 3pm, I finally printed out the thing and came back home to assemble it. But just before that, I had to watch Pushing Daisies first. I finished assembling near midnight (while marathon-ing season 1 of Chuck.

  • I knew I'd have to have it bound before heading for my lunch Friday with Lee and Iza (somebody named Hannah was stuck studying for Philo orals! We missed you!). But when I woke up Friday, I was already feeling very under the weather. Still, I didn't think it was anything so I commuted to Shangri-La.

  • Merienda and our movie was super fun! I really miss my girls. Despite the wonderful company, I was really feeling sick. And by the time I left Shang in a cab (thank god I didn't drive -- but the cab was still a headache), headed to Ateneo to pick Pietro up, I swear I wanted to barf. By the time I got home, I fell into bed, shaking and not feeling good at all.

  • And still, I had a full Saturday ahead of me. Thank goodness my Sunday wasn't as bad, except that there goes another week and I want to rest but I have thesis things to work on, so there goes the semestral break. Oh well, I'll try to enjoy as much as I can.

    i should be used to that by now, but somehow, you've gotten my hopes up again.

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