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Sick With Sweat Dripping on a Saturday

sick saturday
My Sick Saturday OutLo-Res photos taken by my phone
I rarely NEVER get sick. It takes a lot for me to get sick and be absent at that. (Un)lucky for me, I came down with a fever on my FIRST day of the semestral break. I know, my body played some sick joke on me. Great timing, really.

But, I couldn't be absent from anything (because I had NO class) and because I was scheduled for my 'personal appearance' at the Department of Foreign Affairs for my Visa Renewal. So alas, I had to drag my 'sick' body out of bed before 8am to go all the way to Manila for this.
dfa morning
DFA Very Early MorningLo-Res photos taken by my phone
  • The DFA has a lot of funny signs. There was the "BAWAL" maghintay ang escort dito (Escorts are prohibited from waiting here) which is funny because there is the unnecessary use of the 'quotation marks' and the Hindi po ito an auditorium (This is not the auditorium), which makes me wonder how many people inquiring if that indeed was the auditorium for the DFA to make that sign.

  • And finding the damn door to the DFA took longer than the actual process of the 'personal appearance' thanks to the DFA Passport Direct. Sure, it cost a bit, but nothing can trump the ease we had when we got dropped off at the gate. We literally walked in and out of there with no hassle.

  • Even my dad was shocked that it took us so fast, because he had settled in at Jollibee already with a cup of coffee and his book, thinking he'd be waiting long. Wrong! We ended up eating breakfast (for the 2nd time) while waiting for SM Mall of Asia to open. My brothers eat so much. Pietro and Pio ordered TWO meals each! Imagine if they didn't breakfast.

  • My mom was worried that my first passport picture wouldn't pass the validator because I had pearl earrings on. Apparently, that was the least bit of my worries. There was an entire bulletin board filled with 'rejected photos' with the reason why they were rejected underneath. Super funny the reasons (yellow tone, edited, line on face, too light blue).
    moa afternoon
    MOA Mid Morning-AfternoonLo-Res photos taken by my phone
  • Shopping with my brothers is a hobby. They're so trusting. Pio was looking for Christmas clothes already (cause my mom's an early bird like that) and we ended up buying him two shirts from his staple stores. In fairness, he's more adventurous with color now and we were thisclose to getting him a very Chuck-Bass-in-the-Hamptons shirt. Oh well. Next time, I will succeed.

  • We ate in Jatu Jak again. I really love their Thai food. I got my usual bagoong rice and pork sate and I was happy. I have come to realize that Thai food is a cuisine that is slowly climbing up my food chart. Though Japanese food still holds the top spot, Thai food is slowly fighting its way with the not too spicy Tom Yum Soup and the Tako dessert.

  • I wasn't feeling too sick the entire time. I think malls have a way of curing me completely. As I walked around and drank yummy melon shake, it was as if the headache and colds I was having had disappeared. Then as soon as my dad said we were going home, I started feeling sick again!

  • And because my mom was paranoid, she let me wear a mask inside the car! She said that because it was a closed, confined area, whatever sickness I had would be spread easier inside the airconditioned car. And because our van has no tint, I got quite a bit of stares in traffic. Never again.
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