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Pushing Daisies 02x02: Circus, Circus

Too Many ClownsPhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
This show looks so good, I feel like I'm entering a fondant cake whenever I watch it. And this week, it's a circus themed birthday cake with lots of make-up, clowns (who aren't as scary) and of course, the requisite mystery.

And because I'm probably the last person on earth to know this, I didn't know that Anna Friel (who plays Chuck) has a child and the dad is Remus Lupin David Thewlis!!! Wow I didn't even know she was in a relationship I was still hoping she and Lee Pace could be together in real life. That's just the fangirl in me talking.

  • Ned isn't liking the fact that Chuck's moved out of his apartment (and into Olive's) and is moving on with her life. And really, I can't blame him. For a year, Chuck's been cooped up in his pad, always near him and now she's becoming a more independent woman, so I can see why he's hurt.

  • Chuck meanwhile is enjoying life now, but it still wary of her aunts walking into the Pie Hole which they do quite a lot now. I don't know who Chuck's stunt double is, but she sure did a lot of dives behind the counter, especially when Aunt Vivian (who's just really lonely) walks into the Pie Hole not once, but twice! Dive!!!

  • Olive and Aunt Lily hiding out in the nunnery is too cute. I love how Olive is really trying her best to be a nun. I love how they'd refer to meeting times as 'early mid-middle night' prayer. Cause their entire days are made of prayer!

  • Aunt Lily complaining about her porridge is priceless. Then she curses at the chapel. But really, the best gag was Aunt Lily hiding booze in her Bible! And really at this point, I'm still confused as to how Chuck and Aunt Lily and Vivian and Chuck's Dad Charles have the same family name. I'm too confused to even bother right now.

  • Emerson is trying to solve the missing girl mystery (which obviously hits close to home). I wasn't as interested in seeing who exactly killed the clowns, but I loved the set of the circus!!! Best production design ever! And as they brought the clowns out of the water, the many colorful stretchers and long legged clowns was hilarious. How did the clown on stilts get in the car in the first place?

  • At the circus, it was so funny to see the acrobats and the ring master and the bearded lady. It all reminded me of HBO's Carnivale (which I really liked) except this was happier and less dark. Nikki Heaps hiding in the 'Prize Storage' tent as a pink mascot of sorts was really cute. I swear the visual gags this show has are amazing.

  • And the interruptions in this show! I love how they're so perfectly timed. When Ned describes the head clown, Jackie Johnny, the fire breathing totally interrupts Ned's profanity! Super funny. Also at the morgue, when they finally question Jackie Johnny, and we hear another name, Bryce Von Deenis, then Chuck and Ned rhyme.
    Chuck: There was a young man named Von Deenis.
    Ned: Who they said had a very big...
    Perfect timing, I tell ya. Next week, Ned, Chuck and Emerson head to the nunnery where a murder has happened and well, let's just say they all get into costume. I swear men of the cloth are always soooooo good looking -- especially Ned.
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