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90210 01x07: Hollywood Forever

No One Puts Baby in a CornerPhoto courtesy of Shenae Photos
And my favorite zip code redeems itself this week from last week's very 7th Heaven-esque style. No offense meant, I love 7th Heaven (I watch it on marathon every Lenten season), but I came here for the drama and this week they sort of delivered.

Yes, 'we're not in Kansas anymore' and I finally see glimpses of the infamous zip and what they're notorious for (sex, drugs and horror movies?) But really, what a great way to show audiences that this show has some fighting spirit left in it, despite being cancelled in Australia (after 4 episodes!!!)

  • WTF Adrianna?! How could you do that to Naomi?! Not when she totally had your back by getting arrested for drugs that weren't hers. But realistically speaking, I love how Adrianna's character didn't cave in and become nice, because she just isn't (or at least, the drug-addled Adrianna isn't). We all know she's pressured by the crazy momma, so I can't blame her, but somehow I feel terrible for Naomi. On a side note, I wish they would have shown Adrianna's audition, because I personally couldn't watch Annie's VTR. That was funny.

  • They say bad things come in threes and I guess Naomi's had her share for the season. First her parents break up. Second, Ethan breaks up with her. Third, she gets arrested. It doesn't get any better than that, right? So much for her un-sweet sixteen. If things don't turn around (yeah right), she'll be spending her 17th birthday bash in Juvi!

  • So Dixon doesn't like horror movies, deal with it Silver!!! Stop forcing Dixon to like the stuff you do. You're supposed to complement each other, not BE each other. Be thankful those are your problems! I found it funny how Silver invited people to her half-birthday, when I thought her character was the outsider type. But hey, the more the merrier right?

  • I'm so happy Ethan and Annie were paired up for the baby project. Although I didn't know that this class existed and that they were the only two people in the main cast in that class (oh wait, Navid is too!) So Ethan isn't so fatherly and Annie isn't so motherly (at least that was realistic). They're teenagers for goodness sakes. And somehow I don't feel totally annoyed that Naomi keeps popping up in between them. Still, go Ethan for trying to at least kiss Annie at the movies -- and getting interrupted by the 'frightening' scene. Don't these things always happen at the right time?

  • Funny how before I didn't like Navid too much, now I'm wishing there was more of him! I feel like the writers didn't fully explore all the possibly funny situations that Navid and his 'same sex partner' could have gotten into with the baby. I guess they didn't want to veer away from the drama that was Adrianna in this episode. I can't wait for the Navid episode then.

  • So Harry was kissed by Tracey who's freaking out because she thinks her daughter really is taking drugs as a form of rebellion against her husband Charles's indiscretion. This is the same Tracey who suddenly hired a PI to look up her long lost song with Harry, which freaks Harry's wife Debbie out who is also stressed because grandma Tabitha is flashing the gardener! Somehow with all that drama happening, all I was really interested in is seeing grandma Tabitha skinny dip in her own pool! Let the woman do what she wants! You guys are just living in her house!!!

  • And because this was a Kelly/Brenda-less episode, it looks like it's taking a toll on poor Teacher Ryan that he's even pimping himself out on IdDateMe.Com!!! Seriously. And he's showing a lot of attitude toward his 'students' now (including new bad girl, Kimberly who is apparently an undercover cop who's in cahoots with Principal Harry to bust the druggies in school!).

  • No wonder Kimberly totally scoffed at Ryan's choice of a 'date' (the Herpes ad model) because hey, you guys can actually date in the future! She's not a student! She's gone undercover -- can anyone smell 'Never Been Kissed?' I'm not the biggest fan of Kimberly, but at least they're trying to make him move on.

    I'm not sure what exactly happens next (according to the 'very reliable' Wikipedia, the next episode airs Oct 24!!! NO FRIGGING WAY), but it's called "There's No Place Like Homecoming" so that means pretty dresses and a dance!!! And that really just translates to more drama. And despite the iffy reviews by the critics, I'm still glad I moved into the new zip.
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