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Chuck 02x02: Chuck vs. the Seduction

Was that a real kiss or a cover kiss?Photo courtesy of Don't Freak Out
It's official! I'm obsessed with Chuck! This show is not just funny, it's gotten me giddy all over and I just can't seem to get enough of Chuck-Sarah and even Chuck-Casey!!! And this week I get an added bonus in the form of Julie Cooper Melinda Clarke as the Black Widow (and no Chuck, it isn't because she's an African American who's husband's died).

I wasn't quite sure who John Larroquette was, but when he appeared on screen as 'the original 007' of spies, Roan Montgomery, I knew this episode was going to be fabulous. So can Chuck really learn the art of seduction to find the intersect? We'll see.

  • Roan Montgomery was the most fabulous guest spy ever, helping Chuck not only seduce Sasha, but totally put both Sarah and Chuck on the spot about their feelings for each other. Every scene with Roan-Chuck-Sarah in it was sure to have a revelation
    1. The 'forced' demo kiss in the kitchen was too much!!! I could feel the sparks jump out of my computer!!! "Of course I find her attractive, I just had a burrito this morning and wanted to be respectful!" Only Chuck could come up with an answer like that.

    2. Chuck: I doubt Chuck Bartowski's going to be charming anyone.
      Sarah: Why not? It worked on me.
      Can these folks get any sweeter? I mean seriously. Sarah is a total revelation in this episode. She just keeps outing herself when it comes to her feelings for Chuck -- even when she denies it -- like saying he was just an 'asset' but obviously not believable.

    3. When Roan asked Chuck if Sarah (and Casey) were worth dying for and he totally answered YES right away. Chuck has come a really long way from his super scared/stay-in-the-car days. He's jumping off balconies and Buy More roofs now!

    4. And at the end! Why oh why did Bryce Larkin have to show up?! I knew it couldn't be that good, but did it have to end so quickly?! It didn't even last an episode!!! Josh Schwartz, just cause you're married, doesn't meant we can't have a little more romance!!!
  • Speaking of romance though, I find it 'awesome' how Capt. Awesome was so nervous about seducing Ellie that he goes to Morgan for help, obviously not getting the right information. And how sweet is it of Chuck to get the help of the CIA and for what?! For his sister's happiness. That's just pure love there.

  • Lester's wheel of misfortune in the office is just crazy! I could feel that Morgan would get the YOU'RE FIRED one, so it was really sweet of Anna to quit and well with Jeff following her, the entire Buy More was wiped out of employees.

  • And because I just couldn't get over it, I felt bad for Chuck in the start when Sarah totally used the fact that she knows he wants her by telling him that if he joined this mission, he'd get out of being the intersect quicker and then he could be whatever he wants, with whomever he wants. All the while knowing that when Chuck ain't the intersect no more, he's gonna be killed (or maybe only Casey knows that), but still.

  • How funny is Roan with his martini glass?! I swear I felt like it was an extension of his hand. The martini in the shower was my favorite though. That was just priceless. Makes me want to go eat olives though. And pasta! And putanesca sauce. Wait. Back to Chuck.

  • And let's all remember that Big Mike HAS ALWAYS been an Ass Man.

    Gotta love this show. I am so excited for next week -- not only because of Bryce Larkin -- but because there's gotta be some Chuck-Sarah action going on, considering how far along they brought their little love story in this episode alone.
    Chuck: I know I'm just an asset. But between the two of us, have you ever seen anyone do something like that before?
    Sarah: I think it's safe to say Chuck, that I've never seen anyone quite like you.
    DIES. Seriously. These two just need to hook up and have babies right now. With the tension Mr. Schwartz has built up, I'm so excited to see how long they can prolong this agent-asset relationship they have going on. Because I for one, want to see Chuck in more white dinner jackets, carrying some wine and a rose. I'm available, Mr. Bartowski!
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