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Things Have Changed, They're Definitely Not the Same

Only 17
Only 17Photos taken by me (except for the one with me in it)
You know those weeks when you know things can go terribly wrong? Well, last week was one of those weeks. With the impending launch for our BC 130 class project and things piling up on top of each other, I don't quite know how I actually made it through that day, but I'm just glad I got out of it -- still alive.

That doesn't mean I want to go through that hell and back again. I think once in my life was enough. Surprisingly, after Thursday, things weren't too bad. I've got 201 days left till graduation. And this week got me thinking -- I have no idea what the hell I want to do with myself after I graduate. So breathe. I'll tackle week 18 first.

  • We find out on Monday that my grade in BC 190 can still be raised a little bit more if I actually take the final exam. I admit I'm not the best manager, so Broadcast Management isn't my best subject. Still, because the test can't exactly hurt my grade, I figure I'll take the test the next week (being today). Okay, it's confusing, I know.
    Gallery Building Monday
    Build an Exhibit MondayPhotos taken by me
  • After class, the events group gets together to build the gallery for the exhibit on Thursday. I get my dad to drive me to school today because the panels won't exactly fit in the car and the car isn't allowed on the road on Mondays. So James, Anna, Sophie, Gwynn, Simon and I spray paint, cut pictures and pretty-fy the shrine to Mark Dantes gallery for the exhibit.

  • I got home and promised myself I'd start edit the behind-the-scenes video for the event, but alas, after I see John Lloyd's pretty face on Betty La Fea, I fall asleep. I swear, I can only stay up till 9:15!!! And then I'm out!

  • Tuesday, I end up in Tour class somehow and we have our 'last' meeting. I'm not sure if I'm exempted from the final exam at this point and I'm nervous, because I promise myself I'd fix my notes over the weekend just in case, but I didn't -- so responsible. So I'm biting my nails, hoping that I don't have to take the exam.

  • I rush home to print more pictures for the exhibit, that I also forgot to do the night before, because I fell asleep right after seeing Armando fire Betty for the nth time this month. When I get back to Aldaba Hall to watch the 'testing' of the gorgeous LCD Projector that Ms. China Tracey found, I see that Sophie and Anna are there with NO projector. Apparently, it would come late.

  • Anna and I head over to Shopping Center to buy white cartolina so that we can make a makeshift screen out on the wall just in case Tracey's Projector screen (yes, she owns one) is too small. But Anna and I plan our holiday Wednesday for picking up the freaking projector all the way in Alabang!!!

  • By four pm, the projector people cancel again and just promise to come to school early on Thursday as Anna and I finish gluing the cartolinas together to be assembled another day. I get home and PROMISE myself to finally start edit the behind-the-scenes video, but again after Betty La Fea, I fall asleep. I swear, John Lloyd makes me want to dream about him!!!

  • I wake up early on Holiday Wednesday ready to drive to Alabang, when Anna calls me and tells me that her mom will drive her instead! SAVED! I finally start working on that video and after an ENTIRE day (complete with skipping lunch and not going out with family to watch Eagle Eye), I finish the video, which I'm quite proud of. I haven't edited in a long time, so I felt rusty.

  • Then I realize I have a Tourism FINAL paper that I have yet to do, so I finish that one all before Betty La Fea that evening. And because I'm done with the video, I actually stay up to do the paper after Betty La Fea. I miraculously DON'T Fall asleep right after watching.

  • And because at this point, I still hadn't watched Gossip Girl or 90210, I stay up all morning to watch them before falling asleep. I swear, I have terrible habits. But hey, at least I did my work before watching, right? Wrong.
    Pre-Launch Thursday
    Pre-launch ThursdayPhotos taken by me
  • Thursday morning, I manage to get to school just 15 minutes late of our expected arrival and I see Anna and Sophie already ready to get into Aldaba. I bring my trusty Ate Let with me just so that she can vacuum Aldaba, because it's sort of musky and musty in there and I don't want to get allergies.

  • James actually comes early and we get to pretty-fy Aldaba for the last time before the launch that evening. By 10 am, Anna and I actually head over to our class at AIT only to discover that our professor is only collecting the papers that day and she announces the 5 exempted students from the exam -- which she was giving that day!!! Luckily, I was part of the 5, so Anna and I escape scot free!

  • We have lunch with the rest of our BC 196 classmates at Choc Kiss across Aldaba and take our food out because we've got to guard that freaking LCD projector that we just borrowed and keep Sophie company. At this point, we all stink and are sweaty and just plain tired. I don't know how I manage to drive home so that we can take a quick shower. I was so tempted to sleep on my bed, but I knew if I did, I wouldn't wake up.

  • We rush back to school and set up the remaining food and get the gallery back from CMC. Then at around 30 minutes before the launch is to start, I get the message that we need a laptop and I have to rush back home to pick one up. Luckily I live 9 minutes away from school and get to pick it up all in time before the thing starts.
    Launch Thursday
    Launch timePhotos taken by me and Andrew Orocay
  • The launch is actually a blur until now, but I remember a lot of J--n Ro---t P-w--s advertisements. I remember good food, great company (outside the theater) and just a general feeling of relief that it was over. I also remember Ana showing up and cheering the nizzles on!!!

  • Then I remember a really quick clean up and having dessert with my parents (who came) at Choc Kiss again. At this point, I couldn't really feel my legs anymore and my feet were murdered by my very low heels. My eyes were getting blurry, but I had to drive home (at a safe speed, cause my dad was right behind me).

  • Before collapsing, I actually manage to watch Pushing Daisies half awake/half asleep so I don't think I really get to digest anything. The next morning, I wake up and it's Friday and I remember I'm supposed to watch Takilyang Peyups (the other BC 130 class's project) and boy it did not disappoint. I loved the entries this year -- all so competetitve. But Grepa Gurrl deserves a special shoutout, because it got me to forget all the shiz that happened that week! Because remember, a friend in need, is a beggar!!

  • That afternoon, we have our Comm 110 symposium and lucky for me, my uncle scored me a speaker for the event. I'm glad that this class was a pretty light one -- no exams and all that jazz. Now if only I could finally finish start my code of ethics so I can finish all the requirements for this semester!

  • That evening, to destress, Ana and I watch A Very Special Love for the nth time (for me) and the first time (for Ana). And I do not disappoint her, because she loved it. She finally understands why I'm so in love with it to begin with. And because the DVD is finally out, I'm going to go reward myself with this one.

  • I spent most of Saturday waiting for the courier to pick up our passports. When he finally came, I was able to head to Max to interview the bands that came over for Tunog Kalye. That week was so hectic, it was the first time I went to Max!!! And it's official, I have a thing for drummers. It's been two weeks in a row where I sort of crush on the drummer of the band. Oh boy.
    Superfab Sunday
    Super SaturdayPhotos taken by me
  • And because my laptop of one year decided to rebel against me Saturday evening by NOT charging, I had to bring the laptop to MegaMall, hoping that they had spare parts for my laptop with no name. Luckily, they did! And it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Right now, I'm so taking care of the freaking power adaptor because I refuse to go through the hellish parking of MegaMall EVER again.

  • Then I accompany Pamy in a sort of go-to-work-with-your-sibling-on-a-weekend to her oh so pretty office in Makati. I know work is work, but I love their office and I would so be inspired to work if I worked there (NOT). So I spent the entire afternoon eating their left over pizza and cake and 'studying' for the said BC 190 exam. Of course, I'm not the queen of multitasking so I end up eating and writing every officemate I knew post-it notes instead.

  • And finally, to end my binge-fest of a weekend, my family ends up eating at Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt 3. I'm sure if I wasn't so stuffed from all the cake I ate, I would have enjoyed it, considering I worship Japanese food. And because in my family, when you're full, it doesn't mean you're full enough for dessert, we head to Cold Rock to eat the most expensive icecream I've had in my life.

    Really with a week like that, I'm surprised I'm still up for Week 18. Just this last week and I'm done with this semester. But wait, we're already doing our legwork for BC 200 (THESIS) so I guess the work doesn't really end. Oh well, 201 days left.

    a split second later and i wouldn't have seen you at all this week -- coincidence fate much?

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