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Pushing Daisies 02x01: Bzzzzzzzzz!

Where's My Honey?!Photo courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
And the Pie Maker and his crew are back this season to solve another boatload of mysteries with his magical touch. But really, I love this show not only for Ned, but for the aww-inspiring lines the narrator always says, the no-touching-relationship that Chuck and Ned share and the jaw-dropping production design this show has. I swear, I love how this thing looks.

Too much eye candy in one episode. And the season premiere did not disappoint. Sure, it took a whole lot of concentration. I swear these people talk so fast, I have a hard time processing things. Or maybe it was because I was watching Betty La Fea at the same time. But really, even on mute, this show has enough visuals to make it stand on its own.

  • Ned wearing bells on his shoes is just too cute. Sort of like how the Untouchables in India are supposed to wear cowbells areound their necks, except Ned does this in a non-discriminating way, and more in a sweet endearing way. I swear these two are just made of too much cuteness.

  • And what is up with getting my boys naked?! In Chuck, they got Chuck half naked while changing for his date with Sarah and now on Pushind Daisies, we have Ned stripping down to his boxers (and Chuck to her unmentionables) so he can revive her dead bees. When really, all Ned had to do was make sure his hands touched the bees (he's got palms and fingers), but hey, Ned naked, any excuse would do.

  • It took me a while to understand the plot behind Kentucky Fitz (aka as Taylor from the OC -- who I absolutely adore!!! I wish Josh Schwartz would make her do a guest star on Gossip Girl; Willa Holland is guesting for goodness sakes). It sort of freaked me out how Kentucky looked with all her bee stings. Great make-up!

  • The Betty's Bees headquarters is soooo pretty! I'm not even a bee fan and seeing how the dome was shaped like a honeycomb would make me want to work there too. I love how Chuck goes 'undercover' as Katherine 'Kitty' Pims and she does NOTHING to disguise herself. I guess after a year of hiding, she has nothing to worry about anymore.

  • Or not. Aunts Lily and Vivian actually get out of the house and go straight to the Pie Hole!!! It's a good thing Emerson hides Chuck right away. And Olive is too sweet, not letting Chuck's secret out. It's funny how Olive ends up at a nunnery because aunt Lily wants her away from everyone to keep HER secret (that she's Chuck's mom and stole Chuck's dad aka as Aunt Lily's fiance). Whew. I swear this show is getting more and more complicated.

  • Then Ned goes undercover at Betty's Bees too as a temp! Their costumes are adorable! It makes me wonder what era these guys live in, but really, the quaintness of their clothes and the office just makes it a visual masterpiece. What's amazing too is how Chuck gets swarmed by bees and remains calm. Only she could stay calm due to her love of bees. I would die. Literally.

  • I love how Ned manages to convince Aunt Vivian to give up Chuck's old things so he can put them in her new apartment (aka Olive's old apartment). I guess Olive will be staying at the nunnery for some time with her new friend 'Pigby.' It all works out though, so that Ned and Chuck won't have to keep announcing their coming and goings.

    I wonder how the rest of the season pans out, especially because it's got AN ENTIRE season and not just 9 episodes anymore. Well I can't wait to see more of Ned and Chuck's hands free relationship. Because really, these two don't need the touching to get me all giddy-ed up.
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