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Chuck 02x01: Chuck vs. the First Date

Where's your gun?Photos courtesy of Don't Freak Out.Org
This week, despite my ultra hectic and busy week, my tv shows are finally complete! Pushing Daisies and Chuck returned!!!! I never did get to recap season 1 of both shows, but it doesn't mean I didn't follow them religiously last year. And this fall season, I'm so happy they're back -- because really 9 episodes of Ned and 13 episodes of Chuck just isn't enough.

To say I loved this episode would be an understatement. It reminded me of why I followed this last season. There's just something about Josh Schwartz and the things he does. Bring it on, season 2!

  • So now that the new Intersect is about to be launched, there's no more need for Chuck! Yay, right? Well not really, cause that would mean he'd be killed and by Casey no less!!! I love how Casey actually hesitated to his superiors about killing Chuck. He does care for Chuck. He does: "catch him when he falls." So cute!

  • Catching Capt. Awesome and Ellie in the bathroom was priceless! Chuck was so funny trying to cover his eyes but eventually sneaking a peek at Devin's privates. And the cereal at the breakfast table right after that scene said "Nuts and More." These shows make me want to work in television! So creative!

  • Sarah's got a new cover job at Orange Orange and it's oh so cute. I love the decor of the new place and I actually really like her new uniform. Sure, it won't be as creative to dress up as her anymore for Halloween (the way I actually did last year), but I love how they played Flight of the Conchords' Foux da fa fa. Sarah is hot.

  • But wait! Chuck asked her out on a date and she said yes!!! The look on his face is priceless because obviously, he can't believe this is actually happening. After a season of sexual tension, she finally agrees (only because they both think he won't be the Intersect for long). Boo. But happiness for me! I love how they throw back to season 1 episode 1 when they're both preparing for their date, except this time, they show some Chuck skin! And wow, that nerd has a smoking body too.

  • Target Practice with Casey was hilarious. He obviously loves his President Reagan. And I really loved how he couldn't shoot Chuck at all. Casey's actually a softy!!! I love how during Chuck and Sarah's date, Chuck asks Sarah "What would Casey be thinking of he knew what we were doing?" and Sarah says, "It would probably kill him" and they cut to a shot of Casey actually dying from the poison the delivery guy shot him with.

  • Speaking of that date, Chuck praising Sarah was just too sweet. He's so genuine with his compliments, I'm sure even Sarah couldn't resist hearing it. I swear Chuck is such a sweetheart and I wish Sarah would just pursue something with him -- she is a spy after all! Keeping secrets shouldn't be too hard. Oh wait. The CIA does know everything. So that would be hard.

  • The Buy More staff all vying for assistant manager position is hilarious. Lester, Anna and Jeff are just too funny and they don't even have to say anything. I love how Morgan stages a cage fight to find out who gets the position. But see! Morgan does have some use when he helps Chuck Charles Carmichael out of his sticky situation with Mr. Colt (23 infantry troopers, 16 snipers, 7 heavy gunners, 4 heavy demolitions experts -- Call of Duty!!!). Go Chuck and Morgan!

  • It saddens me that Chuck didn't get to have dinner with Sarah (that he tried to cook) but at least Casey won't have to kill him (DUH) and we have another season more of mishaps of Chuck as the Intersect. So we end with everyone at the Buy More going to see if Jeff can eat 90 Twinkies in under 3 minutes. Just another day at the Buy More.
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