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90210 01x06: Model Behavior

Don't Leave Kelly!!!Photo courtesy of 90210 Media
As Gossip Girl goes to Fashion Week, 90210 does it's own bit of fashion through Annie's mom gets a photography job at this fashion show. And because Adrianna is in trouble, she gets assigned to hang out with Annie so they can write about Annie's mom's job.

Also tagging along are Silver, Dixon and Annie. Oh and Ty drops by too! But wait, Naomi and Ethan get there too!!! And so is Naomi's mom and Naomi's dad! Then the teachers show up too!!! Wow. The entire cast is at the Fashion show!!! But where oh where is the grandmother?!

  • So Silver Dixon are getting along pretty damn well. I love how Navid is back and he's not wanting to be a third wheel to the couple. I'm getting sick of all the kissy-kissy Dixon-Silver love, but I'm glad they're together. So Silver wants to be a model -- sort of? But then doesn't want the harassment of the agent?! Which gets Dixon all riled up enough to box the said agent and lets Debbie lose the account. But because her boss is so nice, he doesn't fire her. So much drama in one scene.

  • Then Annie tries being nice Adrianna because of her 'having a hard time' (aka relapse from the drug taking) and ends up giving her a casting call because of the other agent who saw her in "Spring Awakening" the week before. Why does Annie have to be 'so nice' to Adrianna? She could so be a bitch if she wanted to. That would make it more interesting. And was it just me whose heart broke when Ty said they were better off as friends?! I want more Ty -- he's so pretty!!!

  • And because Harry is trying to crack down on Adrianna's drug problem -- though Adrianna's nutty mom is so in denial about her daughter's problem, he too tags along to the fashion show and asks the other teachers to snoop in on Adrianna as well. I smell trouble!!!

  • Speaking of the teachers and their problems. I can't believe Jennie Garth's six episode stint is up!!! Kelly's going to try to make things work with the non-cameo making Dylan in Oklahoma!!! And the worst part, Ryan is asking her if she wants him to stay and she says no!!! My heart breaks!!! And just like that, Brenda swoops in on Ryan. Hey, why not! But Brenda's four episode stint is over too!!! No more old school 90210 drama!? I want more!!!

  • Then there's Ethan and Naomi who break up again and this time it's not a fake up. I guess Naomi being all preoccupied with trying to bring Tracy and Charles back together has taken a toll on their relationship. Or was it because Ethan is still eyeing Annie? Maybe the latter? Speaking of Naomi's parents, it's so horrible how they end things at the fashion show and very loudly at that. Poor Naomi. She looks so broken.

    I wasn't as impressed with 90210 this week. I love this show, and actually find myself more excited about it than Gossip Girl, but this week, Blair's bitchiness and Serena's pout beat it. I hope it comes back next week -- especially since there is no Gossip Girl next week. I want more Ethan-Annie-Ty!!!
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