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Gossip Girl 02x05: The Serena Also Rises

That's Not an Eleanor Waldorf DesignPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of Home of the Nutty
After watching this episode, I realized that all would be fixed if Blair and Serena just hug it out and actually listen to each other. Because really, they both actually care for each other (at least Serena cares/cared for Blair) and yet they're not listening to each other.

Oh well. Fashion Week can also be spelled as DRAMA and that's exactly what Gossip Girl had to give us this week. GG was right in saying there's always a catfight at the catwalk. Too bad we have to wait two weeks for the next episode.

Don't you just love bonding time between family members? Blair and Eleanor plan the seating chart for Eleanor's Fashion Week show (I love how the actual seating plan looks, so very Blair) -- making sure that the 'A-listers' get the front row and Blair's posse gets the second row of course. How I wish I were part of that clique.

But wait, Dan is now going to Yale?! Wasn't he supposed to be going to Dartmouth? Oh wait, I think it's got something to do with the fact that next week's episode is going to be set in Yale and it would be much easier if they all went to the same college next year. Oh writers, you are too funny. And why is Jenny cutting class?! I suppose Papa Rufus won't be too pleased with this.

Lily is back and she looks fabulous! And she's buying art! A Maplethorpe! A naked lily!! I cannot wait to see that. Lily was ALWAYS the coolest mom on the upper east side, Serena. Get with it! I find it a little odd that Lily would want HER nude pictue to be in their house. Well, she is hot.

'OMG! Those are totally moviestar seats!' vs. 'OMG! Serena's in Woman's Wear Daily!' I guess a magazine appearance beats Fashion Week tickets for the posse? I love how Blair isn't afraid to tell Serena off with the 'I'll just leave you with your fans'. But really seeing Blair fight with Chuck is the best because these two are just so meant to be, they can't deny it.

I love how Blair totally rants to Dorota about the mean girls in high school (takes one to know one). Dorota on the other hand, is super supportive of her ward and it's so touching to see her offer Blair tea. I'm sure that ain't just tea there -- spiked!

Meanwhile Dan tries so hard to impress Noah Shapiro who I liken to his version of Dorota -- except meaner. It's good to see Dan put down. I heard a bit of what he wrote (his gift to Serena in 'Roman Holiday') and I wasn't really impressed. Obviously, the Dartmouth Yale folk won't be either. Wake up, Humphrey! Literary gold doesn't come out of your ass.

Hello odd couple! I love how Chuck only gave in to Dan's request because he was 'bored.' The tequilla and the 'blue pills' seemed innocent when I think of the 'evil' things Chuck does. But okay, I guess considering Dan is supposed to be some moral compass, this is already pushing the envelope.

How exactly did Dan get home though without his shoes?! Cause he sure seemed stoned. Chinatown isn't very near 'Brooklyn' (aka Dumbo), but I guess let's just throw Geography out the door. I guess Dan brought cash for his cab home.

Poppy meet Lily. Lily meet Poppy. So this is the Poppy that Serena's been hanging out with. She seems really nice and according to Anna sort of looks like she's got some Filipino blood in her.

How old exactly is Poppy?! Because I can't imagine her to be Serena's age, more of like in between Lily and Serena, but if she's older than Serena, then why is she hanging out her?! Still, other than that, I find it weird that they're having dinner at home. Was there no hotspot available to shoot in?

Blair with chicken soup for the 'sick' Jenny. Only Blair could be this scheming. I love how Rufus tells Blair point blank that he knows her intentions for Jenny aren't good, but takes her up on her tip anyway. And lookie there! Jenny hasn't been to class in 2 weeks! I was liking Jenny already and then she pulls this one.

Anytime Rufus gets angry, I get angry. So Jenny, you're a bad girl. I would feel really guilty if I were Jenny. They're not exactly rolling in money and yet she's not going to class. Poor Rufus (literally and figuratively). Jenny should be locked in her room. Stat.

No matter how scheming Blair is, I sort of feel bad for her. It's a 3 against 1 battle here and she totally lost. Serena just mentions her name and she gets front row seats cause of the 'mistake.' Jenny totally sides with Serena and tells Blair that her seatplan was wrong. Then Blair's own mom totally rejects her idea and let's Serena sit front row. Blair just can't win!!!

Who knew Dan would get him and Chuck in jail?! And for what? A bar brawl that didn't really escalate into a full blown rumble. That's just unheard of! Isn't Chuck supposed to be all powerful?! Does Bart Bass not have any minions at the police station? Oh wait, Bart Bass doesn't care. Boohoo.

I love how he totally opens up about his mom dying at childbirth to Dan. Then taking it back when he realized that Dan was just using him to get material to write about. Oh Chuckles, I know there's pain in your heart. Let Blair soothe that pain.

We do know Bart Bass cares about Lily though. And Lily sure 'loves' Bart now -- wanting to lock him up in their room and hide his passport. Not a great mental image, but fine. So Bart shows he cares for Lily by buying her a necklace and buying the nude Maplethorpe to 'protect' his family. How about bailing your son out of jail? I guess he doesn't care that much.

Which makes me wonder what the hell is inside that Lily Bass dossier he's talking about?! What could be so incriminating that Lily eventually forgets she's angry at Bart for hiding the Maplethorpe and taking him up on the necklace he's given her. Dirty details for future plot lines! I love it!!!

Isn't it convenient how Poppy had the same problems as Serena too?! And actually manages to get her to walk the ramp! But wait, there's more! Blair gives Serena Jenny's dress to wear as the finale. Which I have to say is actually prettier than the actual finale dress.

Which Serena totally works and poses for the photographers for a good 15 minutes. Seriously. I can't believe it took her that long! Was there no stage manager there telling her to get off so that Eleanor could come out? Oh wait, Eleanor was busy getting mad at Jenny backstage. How convenient.

So the mixed dress mix up not only gets Jenny in trouble, but makes Blair feel bad, because Jenny is actually sort of on her side (i'm not sure anymore about Jenny's allegiance). So Blair defends Jenny to Eleanor and Eleanor takes credit for the dress (with Jenny's permission) just because Andre Leon Talley (Vogue guru) loves the dress.

It's beyond me how silly it's gotten, but I take it all in because of my love for this show. Eleanor thanks Jenny for 'saving the show' and for a second there, Rufus sees his little girl bask in her 'fashion glory.'

And because Chuckles is now at war with Dan, Noah Shapiro has to bail him out. Not without Dan telling him off first. I so can't believe Dan would have the gall to be morally righteous with the guy who just bailed him out of prison. Dan -- meet the word gratitude. You should look it up sometimes.

I swear Blair and Serena need to talk it out and just understand each other. These two are actually innately nice, they're just not understanding each other. Still, catfights make for good television, so I think they're going to let this one last for a few episodes before another Georgina type comes along. Drama!!!

Then of course, there's Rufus and Jenny -- who wants to leave school!!! Hello Jenny! Where are you going to live?! Don't think you can stay under Rufus' roof if you're not going to school. Just be a good girl, please?! But good girls don't make good television. I don't want this kind of drama!!!

Emo shots all around. Chuck wallowing in misery; Jenny basking in her recent greatness -- when really she should be feeling guilty for being a bitch to Rufus and then having the gall to go home to his house. I swear this girl needs more manners; and Dan oblivious to everything happening around him, cause the world of Dan Humphrey revolves around Dan Humphrey. I bet he doesn't know that his sister is in deep shit for not going to school. Who knew these kids were so messed up after all?!

Oh Blair, I really feel bad for her, despite all the mischief she did in this one episode. She just wants to be Queen B! But well, as Poppy said, 'you don't have to be less sparkly' and it looks like Serena's sick of hiding her sequins and sparkles. Poor B -- only Leighton Meester can get the audiences rooting for her at the end even when she totally sabotaged so many things in one episode. Bravo.
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