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You Can't Look The Other Way

Un-Sweet 16
Un-Sweet 16Photos taken by me
Four months in and I'm a mere 209 days away from graduation. This past week was pretty hectic, but it also had it's fun times. Hanging out with college friends in a non-academic setting and messing up on air, makes me want to jump straight into semestral break so I can hang out with friends more and just not think about school for some time.

Still, this next week is going to be hell so I'm glad that I was able to relax a bit before the storm, because if I survive next week, can survive anything. How was your week? Was it as crazy as mine? or even crazier? Let me know.

  • We had our sort of last meeting for BC 190 and I'm hoping I'm exempted from the exam next week. What was fun about Monday was I had an impromptu lunch with my blockmates and best BC friends. It was Ruth's birthday last week so we had lunch at Trinoma with Marian and Sandy. I hadn't seen Sandy in forever so it was fabulous to see what's going on with her.

  • Tuesday, I finally reported for my Tour 102 extra report and this time I did Tibet. I wanted to shave my head and wear the red thing that monks do, but I didn't have enough guts to shave my head. It went fairly. I'm just annoyed that we still had a quiz afterwards that I didn't get because the other reporters didn't report on time. People!!!! Wake up! It's the end of the sem!!!

  • Anna and I headed to Max so we could sit in with Bryan. We're still clueless on how to use the board but we had fun just bantering with Bryan. He's always so bubbly and happy, Anna and I feel very non-perky beside him. Must work on peppiness.

  • Anna and I rushed to Makati after the show so we could pick up the Bounce magazines for our 130 event next Wednesday Thursday. It was surprisingly NOT traffic and we were able to get there quickly. The Bounce magazine office was so quiet and intimidating. People weren't exactly friendly, but it was nice to see a real magazine office -- I wouldn't mind working in one one day.

  • I was so nervous for our 130 presentation on Wednesday morning, but surprisingly, it went pretty okay. Our event on the other hand, though going smoothly, got moved another day so though we have more time to prepare, we also have more time to agonize over it. Not fun. I just want classes to be over (like I don't say it enough)

  • On Thursday, I finally saw the brand spanking new bathroom at CMC!!! It's crazy pretty. Not as cool as the bathroom in Popular, but it's pretty damn close. It smells so good and the lighting is amazing! I couldn't believe I was even in my college. The gallery at CMC was also finally done and it was nice to see the Gawad Plaridel Awardees all honored at the lobby. The downside? No matter place to hang out. Boo.
    skype the game
    The call that lasted 2 hoursPhotos taken by me
  • The best part about Thursday was Ateneo winning the UAAP Men's Basketball. I'm not even from Ateneo, but whenever the team wins, my dad treats us out for dinner. The craziest part was that my uncle who lives in Thailand asked if we could skype with him and face the webcam to the television so that he could watch the finals. Talk about diehard fans! Thank goodness the Eagles won.

  • I didn't have any class on Friday, but still ended up going to school for an events meeting. Pamy finally came home too! And with pasalubong at that! Lots of chocolates!!! I know I'm not supposed to be eating chocolates to begin with, but I can't resist a gift, right? We ended up eating dinner at Shakey's that night before bringing Pietro to Ateneo for his class night. I love championships.

  • My Saturday was more than long. It was exhaustingly looooong. I was at Max by 6am because Teta had asked me and Anna to sit with her so she could 'train' us using the boards. As if it wasn't early enough, Anna's car window wouldn't close so she had to go have it fix. But the worst part was total mind block while Teta made us banter on air. We've never done cut to cut introduction of songs, so it was total stupidity on our part, not saying anything. Basically we screwed up.

  • I had breakfast with Teta after and then headed to Nikki's house so I wouldn't have to go all the way home before heading back to Max in the afternoon. I ended up watching Bigga than Ben (starring NIkki's boyfriend, Ben Barnes and it was soooo funny (yet poignant). In fairness, that boy is sooo pretty. I was so tired, I ended up sleeping on the couch till 4pm. It was nice to hang out with Nikki again. I wish I could do that more.

  • I had to head back to Max so we could interview the two bands for Tunog Kalye. And the bands were really nice this week and fun to talk to. Cute drummer alert for one band too. Thank goodness I felt pretty that afternoon. It's always fun to flirt-ish when I feel pretty.

  • Finally, we headed over to CCP for Tracey's ballet Pamana. I've never watched a ballet before, so this was the first time for me. It was so much fun watching it with Anna, Sophie, Mimi and Ali so it made the ballet even more memorable. If we weren't so tired, I would have had coffee with them after, but everyone was just exhausted.

  • Today, I was shocked that my boss text me asking if Anna and I were boarding in Max today. I didn't think that was pushing through because we weren't prepared at all (we don't know how to board yet -- not fully at least) and there was absolutely no reminder. So I text back saying no and he said it was okay, but I feel like it's not okay. Oh noes. I hope we don't get on his bad side.

  • And before I close this, I wasn't close to Gab Doller, but he was PB's classmate and friend</a> and our neighbor. I couldn't believe hat he had passed on when my mom told me. Whatever the reason was, rest in peace, Gab.

    who knew (fake) glasses would make me see you differently

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