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Get Gutsy

Love Thy InnardsPhoto courtesy of I Heart Guts
  • Move over Boob-shaped plush toys, there's a new body part in town and this time, their internal organs! These liver, pancreas, intestine etc-shaped plush toys (and stickers and shirts etc etc) were started in 2005 by an illustrator who was probably bored out of his mind. But the best part is, I Heart Guts helps charities and transplant organizations. Who says you need to donate YOUR organs to help out. Buying toys has never felt so good. [I Heart Guts]

  • Screw the pre-nup. Get your fiance tested for Vasopressin instead. According to studies, the lack of this gene makes men MORE monogamous. So before you get that big rock on your finger, make sure you know he's the one for sure (and because the scientific jargon was so difficult to comprehend, it must be legit!). But really, it doesn't hurt to try, right? [Washington Post]

  • Speaking of rocks on fingers, Prince Harry, I know you're the only one who can put this rock on my finger. An unusually large diamond was found in Lesotho (where Harry totally hangs out cause of his charity) is supposed to be the 20th largest diamond ever -- a whopping 150 carats! So Harry, better start digging, because that's the rock that's going on my finger. [Yahoo]

  • I.Want.One.Stat. Looks like the Invisiblity Cloak made popular in Harry Potter is soon to be a reality. Thanks to the genius of scientists, a three-dimensional material called, "metamaterial" (I know, not so creative) can reverse the natural direction of light, creating the possibility of an invisibility cloak. If this comes out in the market though, I wonder if I can get this in pink! I'm going to need to wear one to the bank so I can steal the fortune I'm going to use to pay for it. [ABC News]

  • I don't know how the hell they did this -- was it a camera trick or just suuuuper slow motion in editing, but it's uber fun to watch a bunch of things move in very very very very slow motion. I can't stress enough how pretty it is, so go and watch it. [Liveleak]

  • So you think you have 50/50 perfect vision?! Well I used to, but I don't anymore, but I still tried the Test Your Sense of Color quiz and well, I got a score of 49 (the highest being ZERO). So yes, my eyes had a hard time arranging the colors by hue, but try it and get a migraine after! I'm sure you'll score better than me. [Xrite]

  • Thanks to high gas prices, I'm so tempted to go -- not just hybrid -- with a Magnet Car. The car overcomes the force of gravity through the strategic use of an electric engine and magnets. Sure, the roads have to be magnetized and I doubt you can use your cellphone or any electronic device inside it, but hey, if it helps the environment, it can't hurt, right? Plus, it looks pretty cool. [Been-Seen]
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