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No, Duh

Surprise! Or NotClay photo: The Improper; Lindsay photo: Just Jared, magazine customized by me
Clay Aiken, we already knew. But thanks for confirming it for us. Really. I can go to sleep at night now, after seeing you grace the cover of People magazine with your brand new baby. I'm glad you feel that now that you're a father, you can't live lying about who you really are. But wait, isn't this announcement a bit too late?

It's like when Britney admitted herself into rehab for the fifth time after finally realizing she had a problem -- remember the string of underwear flashing, umbrella assaulting, late nights out -- maybe she didn't from all that partying! But hey, better late than never, right?

But wait, there's more! Apparently, even Lindsay Lohan has confirmed her relationship with DJ Sam Ronson over a radio interview. Linds, we all knew too, but hey this is like just putting a dry seal on the certificate. What is up with today and coming out of the closet?

In fairness to Lindsay, being with Ronson has totally cleaned up her act. I barely see her drunken out of her mind in parties and they actually look good together. I'm no fan, but I think Sam is actually a pretty good influence on her. And hey, anything to keep Lindsay off the streets (literally). I prefer Sam with the brunette hair and I wish Lindsay would go back to being a redhead. But hey, one People Magazine cover at a time. Save that for another day.

Clay Aiken: I'm a Gay Dad! [People]
Lohan Confirms Relationship With Ronson [After Ellen via Just Jared]
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