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Who's Got a Piece of that Bass?

E and D making love in the clubPhoto courtesy of Daily Intel
Spotted: Ed Westwick getting hot and heavy with serial dater, Drew Barrymore at the Kings of Leon concert, Tuesday night.

Well well well. Looks like even Ms Barrymore couldn't resist the charms of the oh so cunning Mr. Bass Mr. Westwick. Then again, it's not like Drew isn't notorious for hooking up with guys. She just recently broke up with Justin Long so I guess she's on the prowl already.

Spectators said the two couldn't keep their hands off each other (but then again, isn't that what they always say?) But I guess I can't blame Drew. I'm sure she's watched Gossip Girl and I'm sure she liked what she saw. Looks like Ed has a real life Duchess now.

Somehow, I'm still holding out for the Ed-Leighton hook-up to happen. But I doubt that's going to happen now. Prepare to see Ed and Drew holding hands everywhere. Or Drew making a cameo on the show? Hey, why not. Xoxo.

No Longer a Blind Item: Drew Barrymore and Chuck Bass [Vanity Fair via Daily Intel]
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