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90210 01x05: Wide Awake and Dreaming

Not Going AnywherePhotos courtesy of 90210 Media
Now that 90210 has been picked up for an ENTIRE season, I can breath easier. I don't have to worry whether my secret love affair with the kids from my favorite zip will end in just a few episodes. Thanks Dawn Ostroff for making it last at least a season.

And with that giant exhalation of nerves, I get to watch this week's episode in peace. Or not. 'Spring Awakening' is already drawing up the curtains and I'm afraid I won't make it through the episode. I find the musical bits hard to watch for some reason and this episode looks like it's got a lot of it. I'm going to have to suck it if I want to see Ethan and Annie and the rest of the gang, because really with the week I'm having so far, I need my pick-me up stat.

  • Basically, Annie isn't sure if she wants to do it with Ty just yet, but because everyone else seems to be doing it, she's going to go jump on that bandwagon with a 4-year old condom from her brother. How touching. Just the fact that Annie said SHE ISN'T sure whether she wants to do this, is already a freaking red flag with a siren going off, right?! Just say no.

  • But see, Annie was about to say yes, if it weren't for evil Adrianna (who's so 'pressured' by her mom and so high on the drugs she's taking) that Brenda kicks her out of the play! Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? I would have and I did for a bit, but then she does that entire Ty-in-the-shower trick on Annie and that breaks my heart. Although I was secretly glad, cause I didn't want Annie to sleep with Ty just yet (Ethan will come around, promise!). So Adrianna, you can go back to non-appearances, I can do without you.

  • I thought it was adorable how Ethan tells Annie NOT to have sex with Ty cause he's a player. Oh Ethan, you're too obvious -- and complete with flowers at that. This episode made me feel like he's only staying with Naomi (and giving her piggy back rides out of nowhere) because her parents are going through a nasty divorce and he feels bad for her.

  • So I found it weird how Naomi is just very nice to everyone and when I mean nice, I mean normally bitchy and not over the top angry at everyone. I guess the divorce is doing wonders for her chakra. Here's the thing, when Annie storms out of the Roosevelt and totally just announces that she was about to have sex with Ty, I was totally expecting Naomi to be a total bitch about it, but she was sooo nice. I would have wanted more humiliation for Annie, but I guess this show has to have a moral at the end.

  • Naomi's parents on the other hand are splitting up. So Tracey finally woke up to reality that Charles (after sleeping with him first) just doesn't have the balls to pick one woman. Does this leave a window open for the Harry-Tracey-love child angle to pop through? I don't want too much parental drama -- give me some more Ethan!

  • Speaking of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brady aka Harry and Debbie seem to be taking their daughter's spring sexual awakening in different ways. Harry's of course scared/shocked/wants-to-lock-his-skimpily-clad-daughter-in-the-watch-tower. And well, Debbie's the "cool mom" who'll probably drive Annie to the clinic to get her condoms (except she doesn't). I love Tabitha though -- she'll get the psychiatrist ready. Which makes me remember a plotline from The O.C. where Marissa meets psycho Oliver who totally understands her! Hello new love life for Annie (especially now that she can't have Ty or Ethan).

  • Then there was the cute non-plot that was Silver and Dixon 'taking it slow' but totally making out poolside at the Roosevelt. So Dixon likes his girls bossy? Love it. These two were a nice, light break from the sex-drama going on. I can't wait to see how their 'G-rated' romance is going to pan out, because for me, Dixon is the most clean guy on this show and I actually couldn't bring myself to see him making out with Silver. He's supposed to be pure!

    And as an after thought, despite the fact that I was super tired of hearing "Mama Who Bore Me," Annie actually did a pretty kick ass job with it. She was actually really good. On the other hand, no matter how cute or adorable Ty may be, his performance of whatever that was, was just excruciating to watch.

    So who will Annie hook up with next week? It's only the fifth episode and she's already run out of boys. But wait! There's that guy Navid, remember him? I wasn't really into him, but he's surprisingly MIA. Maybe he's the next victim. I so can't wait.

    It's got something to do with modeling, as I saw from the previews. Then I remembered that Gossip Girl has fashion week so it's gonna be modeling too!!! My shows are complementing each other! East coast bitches, West Coast sweetness! Seven days left 'til episode 6 -- we've got a whole season baby!!!
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