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Now That I Have You

It was about time I put a fellow countryman on this list. I've had a Korean star for goodness sakes -- I better have a Pinoy celeb. And that Filipino came in the form of the oh so adorable, John Lloyd Cruz. This guy has been around FOREVER (ever since 1996) but I just never paid attention. I should have looked sooner.

Who knew all it would take was ONE movie to get me hooked. John Lloyd (or Lloydy as fans call him -- though I can't bring myself to type it) has gotten my world stopping at 8:20 for I ♥ Betty La Fea every single night. He has me waiting for his appearance on ASAP. He got me to sit through an entire MMK. He makes me want to work in ABS-CBN or Star Cinema! His smile and stare makes me want to eat at Greenwich and buy from Bench again!

And as you will see, it was very difficult looking for 100 pictures of him. That's cause there aren't a lot of proper fansites (read: zero) that give hi-res pictures without watermarks or tags. Alas, I had a very scarce selection and those that survived do have watermarks and tags against my wishes. But alas, I am helpless.

Believe me, these pictures don't do him enough justice. So go watch A Very Special Love and see what I'm talking about. Cause this guy lights up the screen as I've said again and again and I'll say it some more. I can't wait to see what else this guy has in store. He's so giving me hope for Philippine television/movies.

Poll #1264208 Hot Or Not?

Mr. September: John Lloyd -- Hot Or Not?

Hot -- I'd do anything to get Close To You
Or -- Maybe I could give him One More Chance?!
Not -- Just go to Dubai!
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