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'Til It Happens To You

Quinceañera Photos taken by me
Over-all, this was a pretty good week. Sure, it had its share of drama (but at this point, a week WITHOUT drama would be a surprise), but it also had its share of major happiness. I'm going to try and dwell on the great stuff instead of mulling over shitty events.

And I'm down to 216 days left till graduation. In addition to that, there are 94 days until it's Christmas, 72 days till PB comes home and just 15 days until the end of the semester. No frig. It feels like forever, even if the numbers are dwindling down very very quickly. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to these past 7 days.

  • Monday was one of the few days I was able to go home early. I only had half day class and a meeting for 130 so after that, I went home and zonked out. It's funny cause I'm supposed to be half day 3 times a week and yet I'm barely home in the afternoons anymore.

  • I didn't drive to the station on Tuesday because Anna's driver took us! I so wouldn't mind having a driver at my beck and call all the time. Surprisingly, the trip felt faster and there wasn't any traffic. Or maybe because I wasn't behind the wheel.

  • Sitting in without Bryan during Maxville High is different to say the least. Anna's right in saying that he definitely brings the life to the show. Things are much much more perky when he's on air, and we missed him Tuesday. I kept making mistakes though, talking before I was cued and all that -- I so wanted to hide my face from our boss.

  • We tried greeting Ruth on air cause it was her birthday, but she was apparently stuck in class, so too bad. I miss my girls! I never get to see them anymore, so I hope the semestral break allows us to hang out a bit more.

  • We had our shooting for BC 130 on Wednesday morning and it was just nice to be able to hang out with my favorite people. Sure, we were extras in a lot of scenes and in charge of making sure everyone was fed, but it was nice to camwhore with my girls (and a few boys). I just want things to be over. No to drama!
    Point and Shoot
    Point and ShootPhotos taken by me
  • In the afternoon, Anna and I went back to Max and still no Bryan. It's so funny because my news was about a A Very Special Love and Sarge asked me what the famous line was from the movie. I gave it to him off air, but didn't think he'd actually ask me to do it on-air. So in my best Sarah Geronimo as Laida voice, I actually do the damn lines. See, Sarge! I'm game!!!

  • I wasn't supposed to report on Thursday for Tour 102, but I brought my laptop just in case none of the 4 reporters before me showed up. True enough, one reporter was late and that meant I would report. But unlucky enough, our prof gives us a pop quiz which I sort of bomb and then the reporter comes. Great! Sometimes, Tourism is just too relaxed.

  • I spent my Thursday afternoon re-watching 90210 episode 4 just because I am too in love with the show. I have to say that there isn't a lot of buzz about this show and internet presence either, so it makes me afraid because this show just might disappear and that wouldn't be good. So come on watch the show and get obsessed with me!!!

  • Friday early morning, I get a text from Teta asking what I was doing this afternoon. Long story short, Anna and I ended up doing a live feed for Kotex Be Comfy Be You at San Sebastian. It wasn't the best live feed ever, but it was fun to do! Practice makes perfect, after all.

  • I finally had my creative shot on Saturday morning and though my make-up was fabulous, I just really don't know how to work the camera. Call it insecurity or just not registering well on camera, but I wasn't feeling the pose at all. So whatever. I thought Ana's retro jogger and Anna's high fashion eyelashes were fabulous. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  • In the afternoon, we again headed back to Max to interview two more bands for Tunog Kalye. We thought we'd be training in the evening, but Sarge called and told us that he didn't want us to stay too late, so we'd just train next week. I so didn't mind going home early, because then I was able to watch John Lloyd on MMK opposite Alessandra de Rossi --- super depressing, but still John Lloyd! God really loves me.

    don't think that smile of yours can get you off the hook. don't deny it, i know that was mine

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