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In a rush

I'm really bad at retaining knowledge I supposedly should have learned. In fact, I'm really really really horrible at it. Perfect timing, especially since the UPCAT is coming up really quickly.

I took the crazy Chemistry Challenge elimination quiz and true to the name, I am getting eliminated for sure. Not that I'm complaining, because I fully know that I'm just not cut out for this kind of fare. I'm not surprised to find out though, that I didn't retain anything from last year. Molarity and Molality are really foreign terms to me now and I seriously don't remember much. How am I supposed to represent the school in something I can't even remember half off.

The Sociology session test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't want to start talking yet, because I might jinx it. So far though, the first part that is, was fine. The essays were horrible!!! I didn't know what the crap I was writing there because all I said was crap. I seriously don't know if sir is going to understand anything I wrote there, because even I don't get it. I didn't bother to review what I wrote because I know that I can't do much about it anyway.

Speaking of essays, I just realized that I am nowhere near starting my ADMU essay. The topic is difficult for sure. I don't know how I'm going to pull that one off, but I really have to get a move on with it. I don't want to rush it because I do want to get into that school. Sure, I don't want to go there really, but I'm not yet assured a spot in UP, so I need a fallback. Grr... why do schools need essays anyway? I hate writing about myself.

Oh wait, isn't what all of this is all about? My bad. I'm such a hypocrite.
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