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90210 01x04: The Bubble

So Much Character Development, So Little TimePhotos courtesy of 90210 Daily
I don't care what ANYONE says -- ratings can go to hell, but don't please (I want this show to last). I'm so in love with 90210. I find myself really really really looking forward to episodes every week. And this week, it did not disappoint. Like I've said before, I love this show for it's pseudo scandals, but in reality, it's the cleanest, most value-oriented show in the world -- and I love it.

I finished downloading early in the night, but because Pamy was still stuck at work, I decided to wait for her (and fell asleep while waiting). But for the first time, I actually woke up! I don't usually wake up from 'naps.' 90210 has the power to bring me back to life. Beat that.

  • Remember when I said that Tabitha was the best part of this show? I'm not taking it back, but because of recent plot developments and character arcs, I've realized that everyone on this show is so freaking loveable. I love how everything on this show gets resolved so easily. Tabitha was a 'bad-ass' director who was too hard on her granddaughter and all it took was Brenda to record her to show that she's being too mean on to everyone.

    Still, it was funny to watch her sing "Mama Who Bore Me." That woman is nuts! I love her to bits. Too bad she stopped directing. I guess they didn't want Annie to have too many issues with her grandma, when she can be having issues with her boys!

  • Annie is a boy magnet and she can't help it! Both Ethan and Ty are vying for her affections and she can't seem to choose. And for the first time, I'm not annoyed with this situation. In fact, I really feel for her. How CAN she choose?! There's the longtime crush on Ethan -- especially now or for that moment that he was broken up with Naomi -- and he's finally paying attention. But then there's Ty, who may have blown her off, but is apparently really into her. More than his love for music.

    I loved the scene where she's waiting for Ethan at the Peach Pit and Ty walks in with his male posse. And when he blows her off cause he has 'another date' to Seawolf that weekend. Oh the problems of these teens. I love how she ends up getting neither because both boys blow her off. But heller?! She is too adorable that Ty can't resist her snickerdoodles kisses. Oh well, I wouldn't be able to either.

  • Brother Dixon on the other hand, I can also totally relate with. The messing up the car and not telling the parents is something I've gone through a bazillion times. Except I just ended up digging up from my savings. Dixon is such a nice kid though. He's the epitome of wholesome and happy. I'm glad that he's a decent kid. In fact, I'm glad everyone here is soooo decent and normal-ish.

  • And kudos to gutsy Silver for totally developing her character. She's less angsty today and more well, normal. She likes Dixon and isn't afraid to tell him and she's not going to write about Naomi's parental troubles (awww... not holding grudges perhaps?) I love how she was wearing silver grey too in a scene. I couldn't help it.

  • Then there's Ethan, who totally endears himself to me, more and more. The developmentally-delayed brother angle is soooo lovable. I'm glad he and Naomi are 'trying' to be friends and he's so mature about it, because I'd hate for it to be so dramatic. This show has its drama, but always keeps it light. And Ethan is soooo light on the eyes. He's getting cuter and cuter with every scene.

    The purple monkey hat on him? Priceless. The way he asked Annie out? Amazing. Sure, he blew her off, but with sort of reason. I can totally see why he'd fall for Naomi in the first place, because girl has come a long way in three episodes. More on that in a bit. Ethan for the win. This guy has already won my heart.

  • Resident Bitch Naomi wasn't quite a bitch today. In fact, she was the total opposite. Sort of a reformed bad girl. Who knew her parents rocky relationship would take such a toll on her. AND DUDE, before I forget. WOMAN IS HOT. She's so amazingly pretty today. All her clothes and hairstyles were not over the top crazy, but understated and elegant -- for her at least. I loved how her hair wasn't too wild and her clothes weren't too loud. I guess this is the effect of her dad's philandering. I'm glad Mommy Tracey has woken up and smelled the flowers though -- thanks to her baby daughter.

    But what I really loved was how I wasn't annoyed by the fact that there is indeed a BUBBLE around Naomi and Ethan. Though they both tried resisting it, Silver was right. They're just stuck inside that bubble and they're really awesome when they work together. Naomi and Ethan's brother with the popcorn? Fabulosity! I'm glad there's one bright spot in Naomi's life now.

    Sure, her character development from mean girl to oppressed girl was lightning fast, but I'm sure she'll be back to her bitchy ways very soon. That's what I love about this show -- no dwelling. Just bam bam bam! Quickfire all the time! So much for taking it a day at a time though -- she and Ethan close the episode by making out in the parking lot. I love the scenery, so I forgive them.

  • Then of course, the adult drama. I'm glad we now know that Dylan is the father. I'm excited for the eventual Luke Perry cameo, but I won't hold my breath. I wish that Ryan and Kelly would just move along because it would be a shame if the kiddies got their issues resolved and the adults were still stuck in a rut. Maybe that's their homage to the old Beverly Hills 90210?

    Either way, Ryan is a cutie and I wish we got more of him this episode. Alas, we were left with just the test giving, the Brenda-grilling and the Kelly asking out thing. Need more scenes with this James Mcavoy-Jake Gyllenhaal hybrid (or that's how i think he looks at least).

  • And just for laughs, the Silver-Dixon 'car scene' was hilarious. I couldn't get over how fake the scenery looked. It felt like one of those 50s movies wherein they'd be in a car and the background wouldn't really change. And Dixon, I know you're busy with the Peach Pit, but the liver produces bile. (I'm mean, I know, but that's the only thing I remember from Science class).

    Over-all, loved the episode. This show is sooooo much love for me. I hope it gets picked up for an entire season, because despite the bad reviews, I really really like it. It's soooo clean, it's crazy!
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