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Gossip Girl 02x03: The Dark Night

Turn Your Lights Down LowPhotos courtesy of Home of the Nutty
This week, the lights go off and so does the logic of this show. But hey, who am I to judge? It's too fantabulous to even care about the minor details that leave me questioning the sanity of this show. Then I remember, it's just a show! And I shouldn't take it too seriously.

But what kept bothering me THE ENTIRE time, was yes, there's a city-wide black out. But isn't Blair Waldorf ridiculously rich? Does she not have her own generator? And the Palace?! Does not Mr. Bass own half of Manhattan? Can he not muster up enough energy to get his beloved step daughter out of the damn elevator?! I though these kids were indecently rich. Apparently not.

So Blair wants to do it with Lord Marcus RIGHT now -- Atonement style in the library -- but Marcus wants to make it special because he thinks she's special. Why am I not buying this? Although I should be happy that there are still boys out there who aren't 'pressuring' their girlfriends to have sex, somehow I'm not buying the 'delicate flower' spiel. Or maybe I'm just waaay too jaded.

Jenny and Vanessa -- two characters I absolutely abhorred in the first season are totally growing on me. I love them! I love how Vanessa is just like any other typical girl -- no matter how many times they say she's against the grain -- because obviously she's got boy problems that she doesn't know how to deal with! Oh dear.

Speaking of the boy Vanessa is worrying about, he's getting all dolled Ken-ed up by his sugar mama/patron. Is this what she envisions a boy-whore looks like? I try to remind myself this kid is only becoming a senior. He's in between my two brothers and lord I hope they're not getting into as much shiz as Nate has.

But really, the big revelation of season 2 is just how much I love NATE AND VANESSA together!!! Seriously! These two are like the breath of fresh air in the dramatic lives of the UES kids. They're just sooo cute together and because they're sort of new, there's not too much baggage -- or maybe I spoke too soon. I almost forgot Nate's prostituting himself.

But wait! Evil Duchess is everywhere and she spied Nate and Vanessa making cutie faces at each other on the random side walk. I swear, this woman has nothing better to do. Then again, she's got a pretty big investment with pretty boy Nate so I guess she's trying to keep him on a tight leash. Poor kid. He so does not know what he got himself into.

THESE KIDS FREAK ME OUT!!! In a good way. It's scary how eerily spot on these mini Blairs and mini Serenas are. From head to toe, it's like they put Serena and Blair in a washing machine with hot water and they came out shrunken!!! Creepy! I love how the show is so meta, talking about how people are Team Serena and Team Dan. Can I be on Team Neither?

It's funny because when these two first go together, I was soooooo for them. In fact, I would just look forward to scenes with them. But now, that their so-called issues can't ever be resolved, I'm just so sick of them. Either be happy together or just break up. I guess they listened to the latter later on.

Brother and Sister bonding! I love how these two are finally sort of okay with each other. They're actually really cute as siblings because it's not as if brothers and sisters hate each others guts right? The much talked about line, 'You are not using Blair as sexual Drano' was okay with me.

I just really have to remind myself that it is just a television show and Chuck -- who walks around with joints and cigars in cigar jackets, taking in FLIGHT stewardesses who are god knows how many years older than him -- is really just a character.

BUSTED! Eleanor Waldorf is back and though I never knew she was that touchy about her designs, I guess it was warranted for her to fire Jenny. I must say I did feel really bad for her though when she heard the terrible news. She really looked like she was going to cry.

I just find it funny how the duration between the time she was told to clean her desk and the time she said she was going to leave (during the blackout) seemed really really long. How long does it take exactly to clean her desk? Unless the buttons she was told to match up last week were still lying on her desk. Then that would take forever.

Wow. Either Chuck is really in love with Blair, or he's just a horny bastard, because the way he growls his lines in this scene is just crazy. I can't believe he's a mere 17 year old (max) because the way he handles himself around Blair is waaaay beyond his years.

And weren't they in the middle of a party (take note, the lights were still on). Did people not stare?! Weren't Blair's orgasmic rolling of the eyes and grasping of Chuck's hand not enough attention getters? What would someone have to do to create some entertainment at a party!? And to think the lights were still on! That would have been the center of attention -- or at least I would be staring If I were there.

While Chuck was trying to sex up Blair, everyone else was having a pretty PG time during the blackout. Serena and Dan fight some more about their 'issues' -- she's rich; he's poor: deal with it. He tries to climb out of the elevator and falls. I was hoping he'd break some bones, but am happy that he didn't actually get to climb out. I never see him exert upper body strength so that would have been unbelievable -- cause really, the rest of the show is soooo plausible.

Jenny and Eleanor bond over the 'Pilgrim at a funeral' dress, while Nate tells Vanessa EVERYTHING. Or so he says. I love how Vanessa really is trying to understand what Nate is going through. Unlike Dan who can't get past Serena's richness. I swear dude, get over yourself. Vanessa and Nate for the win. These two are slowly becoming my favorite couple.

Blair. who the hell are you fooling? Just because Chuck adapts a British accent (in reality Ed Westwick just uses his normal voice) does not mean it's Lord Marcus at the door. The 'blow out your candle' line was just soooo funny when it was being delivered. It sounded more like a faux French than a British accent.

And dude, their hair is soooo different! The clothes too. and did I mention the height? I'm no kissing expert, but I think I'd be able to tell one dude from the other. Haller! But hey, let the lady do the figuring out.

I actually felt really bad for Lord Marcus here. I know he's getting in the way of the CHAIR reality, but he actually really liked her. I'm glad he stood up for himself complete with punching Chuck (come on, that was a pretty asshole-ish thing to do) and telling Blair that he was a fool because he only wanted him for his title. At least he isn't as dimwitted as Nate who tells Catherine EVERYTHING. I swear the British education is much better.

'Show me that you want me' Oh Blair. You know he does. Just because he doesn't want to jump your bones every other second, doesn't mean he doesn't like you. But my horny little Blair (influenced by the Duchess' taunts) wants to feel alive -- and wants the title that Lord Marcus can give her -- so I guess she'll resort to anything to get dear old Marcus back. Two steps back for CHAIR fans.

I swear that evil woman must die stat. How could she threaten Vanessa with the FBI information about Nate's dad! And why did Vanessa not go straight to Nate and tell him what she had said. That's the problem with these kids. Lack of communication! Just tell him. Might as well come clean, it's not like things can get worse.

I'm annoyed because when Vanessa said she's out for good, it actually felt real. But I like this pairing!!! Two break ups in one episode? Why Josh Schwartz!? Now, no one is in a relationship. There's no Dan-Serena, no Chuck-Blair and now NO VANESSA NATE?!?! Not good my friend.

I find it odd how Rufus is suddenly dating this nobody (who's nowhere on the level of Bex from last season and obviously no replacement for Lily my love -- who's in Shanghai?). And what's up with Eleanor asking Rufus to buy her sandwiches?! Dude. I know Jenny's your intern, but her father isn't in your employ. Get your driver or get Jenny to buy the damn food! How could Jenny even let her dad buy it and not get a little embarrassed by how entitled Eleanor thinks she is. OH wow, I'm sounding like Dan already. Nooooooo!!!

As much as I get bored with Dan and Serena, I actually choked up in this scene because it felt so final. Yes, these kids put on waaaay too much drama, but I guess that's part of their charm. What happens to Dan now that he has no rich girlfriend to complain about? And what do we do with a 'back to her old ways' Serena with no Dan to bring her down to earth?!

AND WAIT A MINUTE. Didn't Serena ask her mom Lily TO NOT MARRY RUFUS because she said she and Dan were FOREVER?!?! HEY GIRL. Your mom gave up on her happiness for you and you're just throwing it away! Sure, forever is impossible, but you could have made it last a season!

Or if you didn't say it, you'd be stepsiblings with Dan right now and then you'd really have to break up, but at least your parents were happy and in love and in the episode (I obviously miss Lily and Rufus together). Serena and Dan need major karma for breaking Lily and Rufus apart for NOTHING.

When I first saw Chuck making out with mystery brunette in the back of the limo, I immediately thought, 'yay CHAIR IS BACK.' Then I saw the dress was NOT yellow and that Chuck stops midway cause he just can't go through with it. Wow. At the rate it's going, I think he should just be a priest, because he's just torturing himself this way. Priesthood or Blair.

I like how Dan and Vanessa bond in the last scene though. It reminds me of the scene after the Masquerade Ball where they eat Persian food in his bedroom and just talk. Except this time, they're both heartbroken and need company. I hope they don't pull another Dan-Vanessa because that just isn't working for me still.

Over-all, despite the incredulity of this episode, I have to say it was soooo crazy unbelievable, it actually became sort of believable. I do hope things get more over the top because it's either waaaay crazy or bordering on sappy melodrama. And really, I'd rather it become nuts. More Nate-Vanessa!!!!
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