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Happy Birthday Prince Harry!

Someday my Prince will comePhotos courtesy of JustJared
That's Prince Harry to the rest of you. Today, my future husband turns 24 years old. Sure, he doesn't know it just yet, but in 4 years, we'll meet and fall in love and hello royalty! I'll finally be a princess! Call me crazy or delusional, but if I don't The Secret it now, then it might not ever happen. So really, positive thinking everyone!

And though I still have 1410 days left 'til we finally meet, I hope he has a happy birthday. I actually almost forgot it was his birthday today (what a terrible wife-to-be). If I wasn't reading up on People.Com, I wouldn't have seen an article about his brother that merely mentioned he was turning 24 on Sept. 15. And lo and behold, the calendar said Sept. 15. I nearly missed it.

So for now, I have to learn to drink lots of tea (which I can't stand), sit with my ankles crossed (I can barely keep my legs closed -- I wear jeans), bow to the queen, appreciate hunting, and all those royal traditions on top of making sure Harry falls in love with me when I finally do meet him. Whew. Lots of work, but today, I'll rest and just celebrate his 24th birthday -- as I cross my fingers that he doesn't ask Chelsy to marry him just yet.
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