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Girl Crush: America Ferrera

Last weekend, I went on a marathon of Season 1 of Ugly Betty. I know, I'm so late. I didn't get to start it, but before I knew it, I was hooked. I now understand why sometimescrazy and mellowdee love it so much! Then I realized that it wasn't just Ugly Betty that I was loving. America Ferrera is pretty darn cute too!!!

I first read about her in one of my old issues of Seventeen magazine when they featured her for her movie, "Real Women Have Curves" and I thought her name was pretty weird (like naming your kid Luzviminda), but then with every appearance she'd make, she'd grow on me more and more. And now, with Ugly Betty and the Sisterhood series, I'm sooooo crushing on her!

She knows how to dress for her body
I have some pretty petty insecurities with my body. But seeing how fabulous America looks, I know that I can look just as good if I just dressed to flatter my body. In casual wear or at the red carpet, America is always so hot! You can totally see her working the looks she wears (especially since she wears the craziest outfits - styled by Patricia Field on Ugly Betty). In real life, this girl is anything but ugly when it comes to fashion.

She redefined the Hollywood standard of beauty
It's rare that Hollywood recognizes all sorts of beauty, as they usually revert to the blonde and blue-eyed, tall, thin, really white types (not that those aren't pretty too), but America made everyone take another look and reevaluate just what beautiful really is. It comes in all shapes and sizes and all colors. I'm so happy she got included in the 50 Most Beautiful List because she represents all sorts of women, not just those you see on your TV.

She's still in love with the same guy
... and she doesn't go screaming about it. Just the fact that I had to do some reading and searching on who her boyfriend is, is always a good sign. This means she's not tabloid fodder just yet. Her boyfriend was someone she met in college and she's still with him, despite her success in Hollywood. I'm not saying she should end up with this guy, but just the fact that there isn't much about her love life in the media makes me love her more. And speaking of college, she totally plans on finishing her degree! More points!

She loves to be ugly!
It takes guts to take on a role like this to begin with. Betty Suarez isn't exactly the girl boys put posters up on their walls for. She isn't the one young girls strive to look like. And yet, America took on the challenge, because really, it's what's inside that matters. As I continued to watch Ugly Betty, I didn't even get bothered by her style anymore, because her inner Betty-ness just shone through. America really does the character justice (although she's waaay too humble about it, she did win an Emmy for it) and I can't wait to see more.

She stands up for a cause
Proud of her heritage, America was honored as a Latina Leader and as an inspiration to all other Latinas out there. But really, more than that she's just really stayed true to herself. She uses her popularity for a cause by supporting causes like, Stand Up For Cancer and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. How can you not crush on a good girl?
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