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Buy It, Use It, Break It, Fix It

Goodbye Geek 1.0Photo courtesy of Flickr
  • Like anything, change is inevitable. Even geeks evolve!!! Check out this cute diagram of the many new features of the brand new geek. Also known as Geek 2.0 [Flickr]

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who HATES the new Facebook. But it sucks that they're imposing it on everyone by the end of the week. I actually screen capped my old facebook site already just because I hate the new one so much. Why Mike Zuckerberg? Why?!? Therefore, go and sign the petition and make your opinion heard! [Valleywag]

  • Do I need to bring an umbrella today? It's been raining like crazy in Manila, so I wish this website would predict weather in our area too. Unfortunately, it only does the USA. All you have to do is type in your zip code (like say 90210) and it'll give you a simple YES or NO if you should bring an umbrella. Calling PAGASA!!! Let's do this too! [Umbrella Today]

  • Speaking of utilizing zip codes, this website lets you put in your zip code and it will find you FIVE cats that are near you! WTF!!! I'm terrified of cats. There can't be five cats near me all the time, right? According to this site, yes there are. [Cats I Am Near]

  • If Monthly.Info helps girls track their menstrual cycles, PMS Buddy helps everyone around the girl figure out what time of the month they should stay away. I say genius! Because really when it hits me, everyone should just back off. [PMS Buddy]

  • Bullshit, I say! Well, sometimes I can't tell the real from the reel anymore, but with Spinoculars, you can. It's a Firefox add-on that detects spin on articles you read. I haven't tried it, but I'm afraid that if I put my blog there, it'll all come out red -- spin. Interesting tool though. [Spinspotter]

  • Is there anything Ashton Kutcher can't do? He's in the movies and MTV and everywhere else. But aparently, his brainchild, the Blah Girls -- a parody of celebrity culture didn't get a very good review from Jezebel and from Jossip. Oh well. I think the site is really cute though. [Blahgirls]

  • Because Apple just has to. Here's the new iPod Nano-chromatic. In fairness, I love the colors so much, I'm tempted to get one in yellow. As if I have the money, but hey a girl can dream right? (note to self: bet on the lottery so that you can have a bigger chance of winning) [Gizmodo]

  • And finally, a few Sundays ago, Guel let all of us play a Guess the movie based on a letter from the movie poster game and I surprisingly scored the highest. Unfortunately, this time around, I have to say, I can't do it. It's called guess the logos of the website based on the letter from the logo! No way. [Axonoid]
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