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Don't You Forget About Me

If this is how my memory is at 21, I better be worried. Apparently, forgetfulness is something the 'older' ones experience. In a span of 48 hours, I've forgotten so many things, it's not even funny anymore.

The worst part is, while I was recounting to Anna the stuff that I was so stupid to forget, I actually had a hard time remembering what it was I had forgotten. I had to write the things I had forgotten down to remember them. I know, I'm confusing now.

Below, you'll find the list of mundane things I had forgotten all in just two days.

  • We had a presentation for class in the morning, so I had to wear my heels. I kept telling myself, don't forget your slippers (I hate walking in heels). The moment I get out of my village, I realize I have NO slippers with me. Feet torture!!!

  • It was raining like crazy when Anna and I went to Max. Because the parking was full, I had to leave my car keys to the valet. As I enter the building, I realize that I left my park lights open AGAIN. I had to run back in the rain just to turn it off. I wouldn't want my car's battery dying on me.

  • Yesterday, I drove my mom to Holy Spirit in BF Homes. I surrendered my driver's license at the gate in exchange for a gate pass. When I get home, I realize that I didn't give back the gate pass! I had to drive back to the BF Homes gate to get my license back.

  • After taking a shower this morning, I dry myself and realize my hair is still full of shampoo!!! I can't believe I actually forgot to rinse it. Where was my mind?! This was when I resolved to make a list of all the things I forgot since yesterday.

  • I kept receiving text messages from our BC 196 class president Simon that we need a handkerchief for class. I keep telling myself as I dress up to bring one. When I get on the jeepney on my way to AIT, I check my pockets and ZERO hanky!!!

  • As I tell Anna about all the things I had forgotten, I totally forget the incident with the driver's license. And to think I was just making mental notes about it in the shower this morning. That's when I resolved to write it down just to remember it. I'm reading this off my notebook.

    Can I get any more forgetful than this?! I've never been this forgetful before. I wonder what I can do to cure this quasi-amnesia I'm going through. Have you forgotten small things like me? What am I supposed to do?!
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