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90210 01x03: Lucky Strike

Split or Spare?Photos courtesy of 90210
I don't know why everyone hates 90210. I guess it's coming from the fact that it's getting compared not only to the original Beverly Hills 90210, but to Gossip Girl. When really, this show should be taken on it's own.

And after watching the third episode, I can say that I actually really like it. And in fact, this entire day, all Anna and I could think about was 90210 tonight!!! I haven't been this excited for a tv show in quite a bit.

And I have to say, Pamy (my new Fall TV buddy) said it best. This show is practically 7th Heaven. The parents adopt kids (or might keep adopting); there's always a moral and the kids are all squeaky clean (well at least some of the kids). Seriously, how clean and wholesome can this be? I love it!!!

  • Silver's issues with her mama were my least favorite part of the entire episode, but hey, I guess you need some drama in your life. I just prefer other types of drama. I felt like the set-up for the family drama was too long (complete with walking to the shelter -- establishing shot; pleading with the social worker -- okay, i get it; asking Kelly if she can sleep over -- cementing the deal; longingly looking at Mr. and Mrs. Wilson as they play bowling -- overkill; then sleeping in the car in front of Dixon's house -- hello overboard).

  • I laughed when Dixon said he'd tell his dad, cause that's such a good boy thing to do. He's such a clean kid. I heart him. And Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are the new Rev. and Mrs. Camden! They're so morally upright (except for the siring a child with Naomi's mom part). Bowling and allowing their kids to ditch bowling after. You really are 'cool' parents.

  • Of course, there's Kelly and Ryan who can't seem to start dating because they're 'colleagues.' Co-workers, schmoworkers. If Ryan asks me if we're dating, I say YES. But I guess Kelly's being 'responsible' and 'careful.' WHO CARES?! Just jump the guy! He's sooooo adorable. And she succumbs. How can she not.

  • So Naomi's mom is cool about her husband cheating on her with a woman named, Gail. It's so subtle of her dad to be macking out in the parking lot at night. Too bad for him, I'd have eaten the Nobu. I loved how to make up for not being able to go to Vegas, Naomi's dad gets her a brand new car (and a matching one for mama). And Naomi has the gall to throw a bitch fit. Oh the lives of the rich and super rich. But hey, this just goes to show how Naomi doesn't value the things money can buy. She just wants her daddy. Cue the *awwws* now.
    Naomi: This isn't a family!
    Mom: Honey, dad and I have a long history together. We have two kids, two homes, friends. We have a life together.
    Naomi:Mom, what kind of life is this?
    Mom: Oh sweetheart, it's one that I don't want to lose.
    I love the scene when Naomi crawls into bed with her mom. It totally gives Naomi dimension and depth. I don't mind her being a superficial superbitch all the time though, but I guess they needed to make her somewhat nice. She looks older than her mom though.

  • For all Naomi's redeeming qualities this episode, I'm glad her inner bitch is still alive. I was laughing when she told Adrianna to STFU while cruising her new ride. Naomi: Baby, you sound pitchy. Adrianna: You sound bitchy!

  • Ethan is really growing on me. He's getting cuter and cuter in every scene. From the locker flirting with Annie, to the challenging Annie to bowling, and of course the 'lets grab fresh air' flirting with Annie. Plus points for referencing The Hills and more points for saying he'd try out to be a Spencer. But hold up, stop. Didn't he just break up with Naomi last week? But wait, he still runs to save Naomi from her nervous breakdown. Can this guy get any sweeter? Sort of redeems the blow job from the pilot huh?

  • Finally, there's little Miss Sunshine -- Annie. This girl is getting prettier too. And looks like the boys are noticing. because of course, when you're the lead of a show, you can't just have ONE guy liking you, have to have TWO boys fawning over you and she gets Ty and Ethan. Lucky girl. Oh and I wonder when she'll make up her mind. But hey, who says she has to hurry. Why not just enjoy all this attention? I'm sure she is.

  • So here are Annie's options: Ethan with the divorcee parents sob story, the cutie smile and hair, the pentapus stuffed toy and the pop cultural references to the Hills, but runs back to his ex when she's in a time of need (i'd like to think of this as him being a really good friend and nothing more) OR Ty, with the music industry connections that's got him rubbing elbows with Chris Brown (who's just a really cool guy) and private jet rides for dinner in San Francisco, but can't even wait for you a bit so he just jets off to catch the 'set.' This is a tough one, kids. I'm really torn (NO sarcasm y'all)

    Over-all, this was a great episode for me. I've tried my best to let go of my critical self and just allowed myself to enjoy the sunshine-happiness-wholesomeness of 90210. I swear that blow job in the first episode was a fluke. Everyone here is actually virtuous and pious and just all around good. I cannot wait for the next episode -- for sure, it'll be scandal free!!! Love it!
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