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Gossip Girl 02x02: Never Been Marcused

Who's Dating Who?Photos courtesy of You Know You Love Me
Unlike the aesthetically pleasing shots of the first episode this season, the follow up had the opposite: crass shots. I guess they're trying to convey how these kids can get down and dirty, but dude, let's go back to the nice shots of the Hamptons. I'm all for it.

So as Blair tries hard to win the affections of The Duchess, Nate tries to be the man of the house while refusing best friend Chuck's help. Dan and Serena are at it like rabbits (what's new) and Rufus is trying to be the dad he's supposed to be. Oh the crazy family trees these kids have.

There are still pretty shots left over from the last episode and I'm glad they started this one with them. So Dan and Serena are once again together? Or not? These two need a new conflict, because deciding if they're together or not while hooking up every other minute is just not working for me.

On the other hand, I'm loving how Blair and Marcus are soooo in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Biking before breakfast is just priceless. I love how Blair is already planning their future. It's so her.

Chuck is just made of all sorts of win. I love how he's zeroing in on Marcus to try and see his flaws. Hello to a new bromance! Will Nate be jealous of their impending love affair? I hope not, because Marcus looks like a nice guy to be friends with. And yet another portmanteau for Chuck and an expletive. Chuck Basshole. I swear these things don't get old.

OHMAYGAWD. Anne Archibald is back on screen. And her freaky stare is still there. No wonder her son is like this, she's totally freaking me out. Oh dear, money troubles for the Archibalds, what is the man of the house, aka Nate supposed to do? He has no blue collar skills to boast for, how will he 'take care' of his mom?

Does Serena have nothing better to do? And would Mr. Bass even allow his step-daughter to ride the Jitney back into the city?! And where is her luggage? I sense that Serena is just wanting to get some, and since she knows that Dan will be on that damn bus, she totally jumped in. She doesn't even have any bags with her!!!

The strawberries? The Nylon Magazine? The finger licking, this feels like soft porn starring Serena Van Der Woodsen. What would Mama Lily say!? But really, these kids need to go to a clinic soon or someone's going to get knocked up stat.

The limousine rides are hilarious. Dorota is seriously the go to girl for anything. Need a party asap? 911 Dorota. And dammit! I can't believe the Duchess is Catherine! Who cares if she's the stepmom?! That guy that came home to her cannot be a Duke! This is just nuts.

The original Bromance lives! Nate and Chuck are chilling in their limo and obviously, Chuck's in cahoots with Anne Archibald for the moolah. And we all know Nate's pride isn't going to allow it, the way he was so guilty for trusting Carter Baizen but didn't have the moolah to back up his mouth. I swear, some things never change.

Squash! THis so reminds me of My Sassy Girl. Chuck does NOT look good all sweaty and with those goggles. Therefore, never play squash again. Props for the vest and preppy shit combo. He still manages to out-dress the Lord.

Dorota + Ms. Blair = Fabulous party! I love how Blair is inviting random people just to fill up her party -- with voters preferably so it doesn't look like a high school party. When did their parties ever look like a high school one anyway? I remember my high school parties and they were never that pretty

NateVanessa Alert!!! I swear I miss them together. I love how after trying to talk to Catherine or Chuck, Nate lands with Vanessa. And she's so not over him. Look at her gaze at him lovingly. Look at her listen to his lame-o problems. No one will do this for you, Nate! No one. Take her back!!!

I love how Serena is so bad at covering up for anything. She totally is not helping by trying to help. I love these confrontation scenes. It's like a throwback to The Wild Brunch, where everyone was just standing there at the Plaza looking dumbfounded. Oh how far we've come.
Gossip Girl: Chuck's date and Blair's date are mother and son? And Nate and Blair are exes? And Nate and the mother are in a book club?
Yes, everyone in this scene has slept with Nate Archibald! Dude, what a slut -- more on his whore-ness later though.

Awww... Rufus decides to NOT go on tour over a collage of his children and their respective arts and crafts over the summer? Is this really the script assigned to Rufus in this episode? I want some Lily-Bart drama!!! I want a woman or a man for Rufus! Come on and amp up the drama!

I know they weren't aiming for art shots, but they handled Blair's first time pretty damn well -- complete with Apologize playing the background. This was just blunt and straightforward. I guess Catherine is a no nonsense woman. She'll have her cake and eat it too anywhere, anytime. As long as Nate's there.

I love the look on Blair's face though and she totally shoots Catherine off her high horse. You're all whores after all. Isn't it weird that her future-step-mother-in-law has slept with her ex-boyfriend? That's just weird on so many levels. Only on Gossip Girl, bitches.

This wasn't really a drama filled scene, but I loved how Jenny totally looked elated to see her dad. This was a nice wholesome family scene that really felt genuine to me. I wish this family well as a whole, but as individuals, I want more drama!!! For the record though, Humphrey Drama does not mean Alison. You can keep her out forever.

Sarcasm? Not. Victory? Oh yes. I love how Chuck and Blair are able to talk like civilized individuals without having to hump each other (*cough*DanSerena*cough*). I've read in interviews that the Chuck-Blair story line is going to be a season long thing, I'm just wondering which part of that season is them being happy together. How could Chuck resist her in a nightie? Still, I'll be thankful they're even in a scene together. I miss them so!

This just breaks my heart. Nate and Vanessa should be given the chance to actually grow as a couple and yet it's been hindered by the fact that Nate is now officially a high class male escort. I know times are tough and he's got his mom to take care of, but I totally didn't see it going in this direction.

I wish it'd return to the blank-faced Nate days, when all he cared about was getting high. Poor Vanessa. She even hung up lights and took out Chinese food for the two of them. I guess you just can't have it all. Oh wait, Vanessa doesn't have anything -- she's home schooled for goodness sakes. Give the girl a bone!!!

Over-all, this week was overly dramatic in a fantastic way. This is what teen drama is all about. Delusions of royalty and prostitution! Next week, we have a city wide blackout! Seriously. Don't forget to bring your flashlight, because it looks like there's going to be a lot of action in the dark. XoXo, I really do love this.
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