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Got it Just Don't Get it

Luckyish 13
Lucky Ish 13Photos taken byme
After 13 weeks of school, I'm really really exhausted. And it shows. I'm not as psyched for classes anymore and I'm just really lazy to do anything. I know I shouldn't be, as I'm in my last year of college, but I need somethign to get me more focused.

There are 230 days left 'til I graduate and I'm just trying to do this day by day. Soon, the countdowns to Christmas and New Years will start, but me, all I want is the countdown to semestral break. Right now, I just want these next two weeks to be over and I'll be able to breathe.

  • After BC 190, I hung out with Tracey and Anna in the TV studio as we planned for our BC 130 launch. I miss the TV studio. I really loved making our productions there. I'm barely in there now and I wish I could go back and do more productions.

  • I bumped into Bikoy as he was recording for Mimi's 130 production and seeing him made me miss my older orgmates. I've been sort of MIA with my org now, and I'd like to blame my 'busy'-ness outside school, but I guess I just miss the older people.

  • I went to Max alone on Tuesday because Anna was unfortunately attending to her car so I recorded plugs by myself. It's weird going to the station alone. Instead, I sat in with Drei and answered the phone for him -- it was weird because I don't really talk to Drei, but he was really nice to me.

  • It was also celeni's birthday that day so I waited for her to get home before I dropped by with my 'gift.' We ended up waiting for her Gossip Girl download to finish and watching the first few minutes of it. Fun!

  • Anna and I ended up boarding on Maxville High Wednesday and it was super random/unexpected. We ended up really participating (even giving our own questions for the pop quiz -- which no one got the answer to). So we ended up getting treated to sushi with the money that was supposed to be given away!

  • I had a hard time deciding whether to go to the Comm Res Congress on Saturday or our BC 196 field trip to Laguna, but after our class on Thursday, I sort of made up my mind. Who can say no to an all expense paid field trip right? Plus, our professor is soo nice, I felt bad if i wouldn't go especially since he did so much reserving and all that jazz.

  • We finally reported for Comm 110 on Friday and I'm so happy that our professor was cool with our report she didn't question us at all. I'm glad I have my groupmates cause they're all really hard workers. This made me want to attend the Comm Res Congress again. Obviously, I was so conflicted.

  • As my contribution to the group, I volunteered to pretty-fy our power point presentation for the Congress, but because there were still revisions, Ana came over to my house to wait for it and well, I just miss her! We ended up watching Gossip Girl and 90210! I can't wit for more of these shows.

  • Saturday was a long day. I woke up late for the field trip but ended up making it. Though the ride home was pretty long, I'm glad I made it to Pietro's concert at Greenhills. We had dinner at Tender Bob's and it was nice to get to talk to Pamy cause even if I see her everyday, we don't really get to talk anymore.

  • And of course the UAAP cheerdance competition was today and I'm so happy that the UP Pep Squad won! I didn't get to watch it live, but I was soooo happy that we were able to defend our title on our Centennial year. The squad was fabulous! Go Ate Angel, Kit, Monica, Sam, Frances, and my Tour 102 classmates Bryan and Trixie!!!

    come a little bit closer

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