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90210 01x01: We're Not In Kansas Anymore, 01x02: The Jet Set

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First off, I have never seen so much sunlight in my life. I know they've got outdoor scenes in my beloved, Gossip Girl, but dude, I feel like I have to wear my shades while watching this show. Everyone is gleaming from the white of their teeth to the reflections on the pools. And everyone's super skinny. Not just thin. Skinny!!!! I could count the number of collarbones I saw in this episode. I feel heavy just watching how thing everyone is.

I didn't get to watch the original Beverly Hills, 90210, so I have nothing to compare this to. And because I didn't read The A-List (which I feel is the West Coast version of Gossip Girl), I'm really clueless when it comes to LA (other than my peeks at The O.C. and The Hills.) So here are some of my thoughts on the first two episodes of the new 90210. I'm not mean or cranky -- I'm really easy to please.

01x01: We're Not In Kansas Anymore
  • First things first. The girls have yet to grow on me. Annie reminds me of someone, I'm not quite sure who yet. There! It just hit me. She sort of looks like Melissa S from the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, except really really skinnier!

  • The boys too. But the older boys men are pretty cute. I love Rob Estes! I used to secretly crush on him on Melrose Place. And the teacher/coach, Ryan is so cute!!!! Ethan will grow on me, I'm sure. But for now, it's the teacher!!!

  • It's Lucille Bluth! Goodness, if just for her, I'm so going to keep watching this show. She and Cece Rhodes should have a smackdown somewhere and I will be paying big money to watch that. She's the most awesome grandma ever.

  • Oh wow, oral already first thing in the morning? I guess this is Rob Thomas' answer to Nate-Blair and Nate-Serena going at it in the first episode. Dustin Milligan is cute, I realize. But so far none of the boys are popping out to me just yet.

  • Naomi sort of reminds me of Elizabeth Berkley. And again, no one is strikingly beautiful either. But I do think Adrianna is gorgeous in a Nelly Furtado way, when not high on whatever drugs she's taking. And speaking of other girls, Silver is sort of hard to decipher, but I like her. Other than the blog, she's likeable in a way.

  • Naomi's parents = CRAZY?! Can't their daughter make a paper? And Annie, for all your smarts, I could tell Naomi was going to straight up plagiarize your work, so dude, don't be too trusting. Oh well, I don't hate Naomi, just cause I don't care for her enough just yet.

  • Not sure, but weren't the girls of Constance Billard playing lacrosse back in the East Side? I prefer their catfight to the fistfight in this one, but I'm glad Dixon (what a throwback to Alias) is getting his game on. Navid is alright, very Seth Cohen-Dan Humphrey in the nerd archetype, but it's all good. I love how Grandma said that it "was racially motivated." This woman is going to make things so much fun.

  • And again, the plot tries to thicken, but I can see through it already. Of course Adrianna's going to steal the money! Naomi practically handed it to her already. I swear everyone on this show is waaaay too trusting of their 'friends.' I guess they really are best buds.

  • Annie's dad and Naomi's mom?! Wait, is this like Rufus-Lily except they actually have a child out there somewhere. Not a plot I want to see in the future, but hey, let's start planting the seeds of doubt that somehow Annie and Naomi are connected.

  • Oh noes. If this continues (the Spring Awakening thing), I don't think I can go on. I'm not a fan of singing (that isn't quite good), so I find it excruciating to watch. Good luck to me if I survive the entire rehearsal process. Adrianna and Annie are really into it, wow.

  • Ethan's such a sweetie. He got a beatdown just to get Dixon back on the team. I can feel Annie falling for him already -- again. I'm pretty okay with the brother-sister dynamic Annie and Dixon have. I'm not going to complain about it.

  • Naomi's beauty shots-video playing during her birthday is too funny. I wonder how it was when she shot it. I like her hair. It looks good straightened out. In fairness to her, she looked really crushed when she read Dixon's text message about Ethan cheating on her. Props to her.

  • Ethan surfs and is soooo okay with Annie opening his eyes or whatever. They're so getting together. The beach scene is such a throwback to The O.C. and their bonfires by the sea. Silver is really sweet when she's not being mean on her blog.

  • Wow. Ethan and Naomi looked really good together in that last scene when he was at her door (i'm guessing to apologize). He looked really handsome and for the first time in this episode, I saw how pretty Naomi could be if she wasn't so made up and so poufed up with her hair. Wow.

  • Over-all, not a bad pilot, but I wasn't going nuts over it the way I was palpitating in every other scene of Gossip Girl's first season. But hey, I'll be fair. I'll let the show stand on it's own. Or at least, I'l try.

    01x02: The Jet Set
  • Jason and Annie broke up. Already? I don't even get flashbacks of him? Or at least a guest appearance as Kansas boy comes to the big city? It's not like I didn't see this coming, but hey, surprise me.

  • Principal Wilson is tough. I can tell they're so going to retaliate against the Palisade boys who trashed their hallway. Props to the production design team. They really made the place look like shit. I'd hate to see how they layered the trash on the floors.

  • Already flirting with Ethan? Annie doesn't wait one bit. Then she moves on to Ty (who is apparently played by a country singer and I now realize looks like James Marsden's younger brother). In fairness, Ty is really pretty. He's like the first pretty thing that really popped out to me. He's prettier than the girls. The voice, I'm not so sure. But you can't have it all.

  • Naomi looked like she was going to explode. And what a slap! I felt the force behind that hand of hers. I wonder how many takes that shot took and if it's even real. Still, I could feel her anger/pissed-off mood. Like her coat too. Still not a fan of the curls.

  • OMG. Private jet?! Dude just blew all the rich boys on all the rich shows out of the water. How old are these kids again?! Ty is one smooth dude. Didn't he just meet her that morning? Well, this moves things along really quickly then. Lucky girl! Plus he speaks Italian and spends summers in Italy?! What's his flaw!!!!

  • Teacher Romance!!! Kelly and Ryan!!! Now this one, I want to see happen. Total foot-in-mouth moment for him though calling her child (with Brandon perhaps?) baggage. I want to see this relationship flourish. Stat. And it's good to see Brenda back onscreen. I wonder if she'll wreak havoc on this set this time around.

  • George feels like the Luke of this show. I wonder if he'll end up hooking up with Naomi's mom, cause Annie's mom looks like a moral compass. I doubt she'll tap that. So back to Naomi exacting revenge on Ethan with George. I don't see this one flying at all.

  • Grandma got into an accident! Repent Annie! Repent! Poor lola. And now they're flirting by the pool. Smooth Ethan. After saying that she can't be more than friends with anyone she isn't friends with, Ethan segues to, "are we friends?" Niiiice!!!

  • Oh boy, the pigs thinagamjig is going to get Dixon and the entire team in trouble. Of course, little mr. moral compass jr is going to take the blame. So very Ryan taking the blame for the fire. But look, Ethan's a real sweetheart. He's taking the blame too.

  • Naomi and Silver were best friends with matching tattoos! How OLD were they when they got it exactly? Is it even legal to get tattoos at that age. But I like Silver. I love how she dresses. But again, so skinny!!! Sob story here and there, moving on.

  • Teacher Ryan is sooo interested in Adrianna and her audition. I wonder why. But hey, no problem. I love exposure for Teacher Ryan. Too bad Adrianna backed out. She's very pretty. I'm sure she can pull it off. Just lay off the drugs, honey.

  • "That's what kids here do. They have planes!" Totally cracked me up. I love how this is Annie's defense to her mother as she's being berated. Meanwhile Daddy/Principal (I'm not sure which he is either) is apologizing to Dixon for being an ass about everything. He's such a Sandy Cohen -- complete with adopted son!

  • Ryan! Just because there are two champagne flutes and a cheese platter, does not mean Kelly is having a date!!! It's just Brenda! And she's offering to take care of the baby. It's perfect. I wish they'd show the date, but I realize there are like 2 minutes left to the show so I doubt that's a possibility.

  • Instead, they fill up the last two minutes with Daddy/Mommy discussions over his illegitimate child, Annie making out with Ty (already) and Ethan with the octopus stuffed toy catching them! Didn't she break up with Jason that morning? Poor Ethan. But wait, didn't Naomi just break up with him too? Oh the tangled web these teens weave.

    Over-all, I'm sort of interested in this series. Although I'm not as hooked on it as I was with Gossip Girl, but definitely potential for long term watching. I wanna see how this thing turns out though. A little squeaky clean, but hey I'll take it. Research for thesis, after all. I'll see how next week turns out.
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