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Gossip Girl 02x01: Summer, Kind of Wonderful

Three Words, Eight Letters.Photos courtesy of Home of the Nutty
Is it that time of the year again? When the UES kids hit the screens for yet another mindblowing season of excess partying and booze? Oh yes. I can't believe it's only been a mere 4 months since we bid them adieu, but I'm glad they're back, because my weeks are just a bazillion times better when these folks are on my mind, on my iPod, on the computer...

So everyone's been busy: Nate's sleeping with an older woman, Serena's pretending to be Nate's girl to cover for him while she pines for Dan; Dan's getting a lot of chicas thanks to his newfound confidence; Jenny's slaving away at Eleanor Waldorf's sweatshop; Eric is stuck alone in the Hamptons; Chuck is eagerly anticipating Blair's return; Blair is faking a relationship with her American tourist boyfriend. I can't wait for this to get crazy.

Well hello there Mr. Bass. I'm so happy he was one of the first things I saw. I wish they had opened with him instead of Nate. Trust Chuck to bring things to the excess. Looks like he's trying every distraction possible to keep his mind of Blair. And I love how it takes three topless Brazilian babes to take his mind away from ONE Blair Waldorf. Their accents sort of made me laugh, cause it felt put on. This wasn't the only funny accent of the night though. More on that later.

I guess they needed to give Nate a story line that didn't really involve Blair OR Serena, cause there really isn't anything going on there. Why couldn't they stick to Vanessa? Leaving the class struggle to Dan and Serena perhaps? Oh well. So that's Serena's pining look. As Nate gets busy, Serena gets bored at the beach again. Poor girl. NOT. Somehow, she's not affecting me at all. If only she knew what dear lonely boy was doing. Looks like she's the new Lonelygirl on this show.

Hoy Dan! Someone's confidence has grown over the summer. I guess breaking up with THE Serena Van Der Woodsen has opened many many doors to mediocre women all over Manhattan. Are there no other prettier extras? Or was that the point? I'm happy Dan's getting some, but dude, quality over quantity. Anything's better than Dan moping, so I can't complain.

Why am I loving Jenny? I like her when she's good and right now, she's squeaky clean. Finishing clothes before the deadline, sorting out buttons, trying her best to be focused, I'm loving it. Then I see the old Jenny peep out (trying to suck up to the boss by giving her a dress to wear to the White Party?) and I see the social-climbing side of hers is still intact. Still, I'm liking her more than Serena for sure.

Scorned lover much? Chuck in that red coat is like a throwback to The Handmaiden's Tale except he somehow looks less devilish now. Instead he looks more vulnerable. Chucker! I'm so in love. And Blair taking public transport (no matter how cute the Jitney is) is just beyond me. I don't think I've seen this girl step into a cab, much more a bus! Where's my limo?!
Gossip Girl: Spotted. Chuck Bass waiting for the Jitne y. A dozen roses in one hand, his heart in the other.
But ouch. Breaks my heart. Obviously, Blair's just putting on a show for Chuck to see, so don't fret my love! He's only a guest star and you're the regular cast. But seeing as episode 2 is named after this dude, it seems like he's going to get a bit more screen time. Alas, CHAIR fans, do not despair. I feel more cute scenes coming up.

Before I forget, this episode is so visually beautiful. They totally used the Hamptons to the their advantage. I love this shot from the back as they sunbathe. Just gorgeous!!! Their girl talk is absolutely fabulous too. I'm so happy they're friends because I'd rather see them fight others than fight each other.
Blair: A hot lifeguard is like Kleenex. Use it once then throw away.
Go Blair trying to cheer Serena up, when Serena can't even bother to give Blair a little support. Why am I hating Serena so much anyway? Isn't she supposed to be the carefree, devil-may-care IT Girl? Why is she sooooo sad now? Live it up chica!
Blair: The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey
Slap her hand, bitch! That's the attitude. Don't let Dan get you down. He's dating the night away. And then Chuck enters and my life is complete. I love how Blair is so obviously trying to make him jealous -- it's crazy! Funny how Serena is soooo slow she can't even tell that it's time to act like they've been gushing over James.

But really, the core of this show is the banter between Chuck and Blair. When they're together on screen, it just comes alive. They've got it down to a science the way they fight and though I want them to get back together stat, I love seeing them argue!!!

What one little girl can do with a mobile phone. Exhibit A: Keep the HOTTEST Father ever updated on how she's being a good girl and how her non-moral compass of a brother is contracting STDs as we speak. I miss Rufus and where is Lily in this episode? I need more extramarital action and I'm not talking about Nate. Bring on the Rufus-Lily affair!

Exhibit B: Jenny back to her scheming ways except this time, she's not annoying while doing so. It took me a while to wonder why Eric was angry at her, then I remembered she totally outed him and all that shiz! Evil Jenny, but hey, you can't be a bitch to him forever, right? Not when he's got an invite to the White Party Vitamin Water Party! Some things never change.

Seriously. This is just genius. I love how everything is so pretty green and yet they're so much sadness around. Blair is made up of tooooo much pretty and so is Chuck. How many straight men can pull off a mint green suit?!? I mean really?!
Chuck: Do you really feel the same away about him the way you did about Nate?
Blair: I do
Chuck: I'll see you at school.
Honey, you guys love each other?!?! What is wrong?! Why are you hurting each other, whilst being so beautifully dressed? My heart is soooo broken seeing you both soo hurt. Just kiss and make up and then kiss some more. The garden is so pretty, you should be shedding tears of joy. Not sadness. Oh boyz.

Damn! Grandma's looking mighty fine! For someone who just went through cancer, there seems to be a glow about her. And dude, along with remission is a change of heart? Then who the hell is going to come between Dan and Serena now other than their stupidity?!?! I wish Grandma Cece would be evil again, that way, more trouble in paradise for these two lonesome lovers. They need drama. Oh wait, they're pretty much capable of conjuring up drama on their own. I guess Grandma is the only parental figure on this episode (except for the tiny appearance of Rufus here and there). Grandma is white hot.

Well Serena, you sure know how to make a scene. Your captive audience is watching (including Grandma, Adulteress Catherine, she has a name; and of course Dan). I mean seriously, was there NO other way to make her jealous? This feels like Handmaiden's Tale again when Dan and Serena kiss and Vanessa sees them. It hasn't even been a season and we're recycling shots already e? I forgive them cause Nate is prettier than everyone combined.

This was so disappointing. Why are THEY back together so quickly?! It was barely an episode ago when they broke up (though technically, it has been a summer!) Then again, I guess it's a good thing, considering how these two are better (read: less boring) together than when they are -- pining for each other -- apart.

But really, these two have NOT resolved their issues. Dan's still being all high and mighty and self-righteous when he's been such a man-whore all summer. Meanwhile, Serena is still so wishy-washy. So why are you guys not fixing your problems first? Argh. I just found it really quick how they made up.

I mean seriously. From American to British in a second. Does he not slip when he's pretending to be American? This is crazy. So he's a British Lord? Does this mean Prince Harry makes a cameo? I wish. James Marcus you better be less boring now that you've outed yourself. And I thought he was totally going to leave Blair. Dammit! Why are you still in the picture?!?! This gives more obstacles for the eventual reunion of Blair and Chuck.

These two don't even need to kiss and I've got myself all giddied up already. Seriously. And to think Dan and Serena kissed and I felt nothing. The anticipation these folks build up is crazy. I'm guessing they're both still too proud to admit anyone was wrong. Oh well, more fun banter for us.
Chuck: I was scared. I was scared that if we spent the whole summer together -- just us -- that you'd see...
Blair: See what?
Chuck: Me.
Drama much? I love them, but dude, how old are you again? Despite my protests, I have to admit, I was pretty floored by this. Chuck, you can have me anytime. And what's up with not being able to say the three words, eight letters bit. I can't believe I actually thought really hard about it first before realizing it was I Love You (it is right?). Cause I counted and I Am Sorry is also three words-eight letters. I'm still betting on the former though.

Watch their crushed faces though as Blair walks away. I swear, these people should just get together already. But no, instead we get Dan and Serena parading all over town all happy. While Blair and Chuck are still apart and unhappy. Hey, at least they're NOT boring.

I didn't want to end with a Dan-Serena scene but alas. That's why I included Chuck mourning/getting waste and Nate getting reserved for a booty call for good measure. I swear, I wish Nate's story line were less Julie Cooper-Luke, but I'm not going to complain. He's pretty. And well, we all know Jenny's sticking it with Waldorf in spite of the heavily Botox-ed Tinsley Mortimer's generous offer of another internship. Because making coffee for one designer is always better than the other.

Before I end, is it just me, or did Dan get really tan on the Jitney on the way to the Hamptons. He looked all spiffy and Mystic-tanned in my opinion. What happened to my pasty white homeboy? And dude, writing on a Moleskine notebook in a wifebeater in front of a bonfire at night is just too much. Then Serena has to float in, in her Grecian see through white gown and the fireworks set off. How timely.

Next week, I think we head back to the not-as-picturesque Manhattan. I wonder if Rufus and Lily will finally make an appearance. And how will Dan-Serena be? Back to love-hood? But really, the countdown begins to how many episodes it takes for Blair and Chuck to finally get back together. Any bets?
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