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No Hairspray Needed

In my quest to watch John Lloyd Cruz's entire filmography, I just watched One More Chance, like a year later than everyone.

In the movie, Basha cuts her hair drastically after breaking up with Popoy. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I don't have a boyfriend to break up with just yet, but that didn't stop me from cutting my hair. Okay, so maybe it's not so obvious, but to me, my 'before' shot had really long hair already.

I haven't grown my hair out since second year college wherein it reached my neck? And in second year high school, my hair reached below my shoulders (I know, hard to believe). But now, when my hair reaches my nape, I feel like it's too long already.

So there, 19 days before my last graduation picture taking, I had my hair cut again. Wow, I really have no self control. Speaking of grad pics, I have NO IDEA what the hell my 'creative shot' is going to be. I'm not exactly Little Miss Philippines' Next Top Model. In fact, I'm not much of a mugger for the camera.

I was a 'puppet master' in high school, as an homage to my being called a 'control freak' by my high school adviser. I wonder what I'll be this time around. What do you think I should do for my creative shot?
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