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12th already
The Longest Twelve EverPhotos taken by me
Some weeks are so good, others not so. This week was a combination of another set of ups and downs. There were great highs and bad lows. I wish things were just more steady all the time. I can't believe I've only been in school for 3 months. It feels like much much much longer than that.

With 237 days left till graduation, it still feels like a forever away. Somehow, this semester is dragging on and on and on. If only things were easier to deal with. Anyway, enough complaining. I'm going to try to be more positive now.

  • We didn't have any class again this Monday thanks to National Heroes Day so I headed over to sit in during Kelly's show. And though I wasn't on my A-Game, Kelly was really nice and I learned a ton from her. I can't wait to board more with her.

  • That afternoon, Anna and I had to interview someone from print media so we headed over to ABS-CBN so we could talk to our editor from Chalk, Wanggo. Anna and I have never met him in person, so it was so fab to finally meet him. He gave a really good interview, with lots of sound bites for our report. So much fun!

  • I ended up in Trinoma that afternoon, and because I hadn't eaten lunch yet, I got a cheeseburger deluxe from McDonalds. But when I was 1/4 into the sandwich, I realized it was a normal cheeseburger. So I go back to McDonalds, telling them they made a mistake in giving me the sandwich, I wasn't really complaining as I had already bitten into it. But they totally replaced my burger! So sweet!

  • I had to get back to class Tuesday, and Tour 102 is the perfect way to start the school week, because it's so chill. Unfortunately I had to rush over to Max right after because I had an interview with Sir Patt (again for our Comm 110 project). Lucky me, I get there in time and it's so funny because Sir Patt is so camera shy. His answers pre-tape were fabulous, then when I started rolling, all I got were yeses and noes. Oh well.

  • Then I receive a text from Ma'am Arlene of Max asking if Anna and I could voice some announcements! Anna was already at home, so I text her to come on over. I didn't want to be alone at the station either. Luckily, she came and we were able to record together. But the real treat was that Johnny Z passed by! We hadn't seen him since summer and it was nice to get all giddy. He's such a cutie!
    more anna
    Favorite ModelPhotos taken by me
  • I've been dreading Wednesdays just because of the amount of work I know I have to be doing, so it was nice to have a production meet regarding our In Transit project. I don't know how this is going to turn out, but they had planned for a weekend shoot (THAT weekend) so I was a little scared that there wouldn't be enough time. Still, everyone seems to be really optimistic about it, so I should join the optimism club.

  • I had lunch with Marian and Ali Bee and it was so nice to catch up. I haven't seen them in forever and it felt good to just talk and relax in the Music canteen. I got to catch up on the happenings at CMC and it sort of shocks me to hear some stuff, but then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Some things never change.

  • I was supposed to head on over to Max again that afternoon, but I was exhausted, so instead I went home and took a nap. I sort of forgot that my yaya, Ate Let had tickets to the Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes Birthday Celebration, so whens he was waking me up that we were going to be going, I was so not in the mood to go. Eventually, I did wake up and was glad I went, because how many times do you get to attend those things anyway? Weird experience, but fun nevertheless.

  • It was back to Tourism on Thursday and our professor cornered me (also known as Anne to our prof) and Anna about the curriculum of Broadcast Communication. I'm guessing the Tour profs are trying to fix theirs so they're looking for references. We were glad to help, especially since our prof is super nice and she apparently came from Journalism.

  • Before heading to the station, Anna and I see a shawarma stand! How can anyone say no to shawarma?!? So we ended up gorging on grilled lamb at the Tourism cafeteria. I really love that building. It's such a positive place.

  • At the station, our boss is apparently in a terrible mood, and I wasn't going to get to escape from it this time. Apparently, the stuff I recorded last Tuesday had a mistake. I mispronounced a family name of an old actor who is apparently really popular. It was a little embarrassing how I was told off, but hey, I'm there to learn. And Kelly assured me that he was just really like that.

  • That evening, I was really tired from my day, so when Pamy asked if I wanted to go watch A Very Special Love, I wasn't so sure. BEST DECISION EVER though. The kilig I got from watching that movie sustained me through the rest of the week. Again, if you haven't watched it yet, get off your ass and go now!!!! It's imperative. I've already watched Close To You and One More Chance and believe me, this one trumps them both. I'm still so in love with John Lloyd Cruz.

  • Friday finally rolled around, but it wasn't like I was excited for the work-filled weekend. Our thesis professor said she had already chosen who she was going to take for advisees next semester so I was a little scared that she wasn't going to take me and Anna. I can breathe easy now, because she took us! Whew. I'm so excited for BC 200. Hello to our production.

  • I was so scared we were going to report for Comm 110. We already had our report sort-of ready, but I know we can still do better. I'm glad I have great groupmates, though. After two weeks, I finally got to see Ana again! And Yan is a fabulous editor. Plus Ruth who is the most hardworking girl ever.

    We got the number 4, meaning we wouldn't report that day. But because group 2 wasn't prepared, we got a scare. The first two groups reported really long, and there was 20 minutes left to class and Ma'am suddenly calls us! I got freaked out. It would be unfair if we only got 20 minutes, so we're going to have to blow her away next week.

  • After class, Anna and I headed to Caltex along EDSA corner Connecticut cause Max had a stick-on. It was fun to see Tony Spark do remote broadcasts. One day, we'll be doing that, but I'll make sure it's a long time from now. Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

  • Met up with my girls for dinner at Sumo Sam at Shangri-la. It was so good to see Lee, Iza and Hannah after two months? These people, I just can't get sick of. We had icecream for desert and walked around the mall afterwards. I wish we could see each other more often.

  • Saturday was ultra long for me. I was up extra early (6am) so I could head on over to Sophie's casa for our BC 130 shooting. When I got there, ever responsible Catering Head Tracey already sent our breakfast so I was pretty much just there to make sure everyone had eaten. The shoot would last the whole day so I was soooo glad that Sophie and Tracey were there to keep me company. I don't think I would have survived the day without my two girls.

  • Because Ma'am Arlene asked, Anna and I were back at the station in the afternoon to interview Julianne. I'm not a big fan of hers, but she was soooo incredibly nice and easy to talk to. It was such a breeze interviewing her, because she wasn't guarded and totally at ease. Plus she sounded fabulous live in the booth. I'm singing the Camp Rock song in my head now, because it's on LSS mode.

  • Finally, despite tiredness, I headed over to Makati to celebrate Niko and Jeannie's joint birthday celebration. It was so nice because Niko brought Jo and Julia and Jeannie took Wayne to the party. It made me wonder when I would finally bring someone home to meet the family. John Lloyd, ready ka na?

  • I swear I thought my eyes were going to fall off during the party, so when I got home, I just had to sleep. So when I woke up for mass on Sunday morning, I just couldn't think of anything except rest. And that's what I did. I need more sleep.

    There's no need to remind me. I still think of you.

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