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Temple in the MorningPhoto courtesy of The Burning Man

How meta is it to blog about other blogs? Indulge me then, as I meta-blog about the different blogs out there right now. Because really, when people ask me why the hell I even blog, I guess with the vast spectrum of subjects these next few blogs dwell on, I can answer them, why not? Blogging needs no reason or rhyme. I do however believe that blogging needs grammar and proper credit. But hey, that's just me.

  • I'm not very into art. I think it's pretty and I appreciate it, but to explain it's meaning and impact, that I can't do. The Burning Man blog merely chronicles the happenings at that current art festival (or how I understood it) happening. I can't create art like that, so it's nice to see awesome installations in the middle of the desert. [Burning Man]

  • Not all blogs, I agree with content-wise, but I guess that's the beauty of blogging -- self expression. There was 90-Day Jane (who turned out to be a hoax) and now there's a girl chronicling her abortion. Aptly titled, My Abortion, this 23 year old girl is posting abortion related articles, stories etc. I'm not condoning her actions, and I can't vouch for the veracity of her entries, but this is just one of the many things that baffles me about blogs. [Tumblr]

  • Apparently, jail time is no excuse to NOT blog. Prison Proxy follows an inmate sentenced to lifetime imprisonment as he mails his friend on the outside 5 posts per week and that friend posts it on a blog. Comments made on the blog are then sent by the friend to the inmate and are then answered and mailed back. Seriously?! Wow. Now I have NO excuse to not update. I'm not imprisoned after all. [Blogspot]

  • How did Mr Inmate from above get into jail to begin with? It could have been murder. And the LA Times has a blog dedicated to just that. Homicide Report is pretty much self-explanatory. It's the modern day police blotter, written with more flourish and for the internet consuming public. If only I was in beat reporting in LA, this would totally be a handy tool. [LA Times]

  • And I thought imprisonment was a deterrent to blogging. Apparently, death can be overcome too! Beat that. George Orwell's journal entries are now being posted online at the The Orwell Prize posthumously. Well, if there's a mind I'd like to delve into, it would be his (or Michael Phelps'). I'm not too sure if he'd want his journals online though. I guess there isn't much he can do about that though. [Wordpress]

  • Finally, though I'm not into cats (or rats -- though totally unconnected), I think that The Cartorialist does a pretty good spoof of style influence The Sartorialist. Nothing like a feline to take on a beacon of fashion. Still, this does not in any way sway me into liking them one bit. Or rather make me less afraid. [Blogspot]
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