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I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Week 11
Eleventh InningPhotos taken by me
I only had classes for TWO days this week thanks to my 2 long weekends being sandwiched in this one week. And yet, I found myself out of the house the entire week, doing things. I was busy and out and about, but still quite happy. I hope to have more busy but happy weeks like this.

I was barely in CMC at all and it was refreshing to get away, but when I did get back there, it was also nice to catch up with blockmates. I've got 244 days left till I graduate and I should be making the most of it.

  • Anna and I went to Max for training on Monday and it felt very BC 102 all over again, except I felt like it was more useful this time around. Teacher Teta was very constructive in her criticism and I know I have tons tons to improve.

  • And because Tuesday was a no class day too, we headed back to Max. And thanks to Kelly, Anna and I were ambushed and helped her out during her last few minutes of her show. It was fun but scary to put to use what we had been learning, but I was just so afraid I was going to mess up on air.

  • I finally had class on Wednesday and it was a production meeting for our BC 130 class. I'm sort of excited for our production, but I'm scared that we won't have enough time to produce, but seeing the class in action makes me hopeful.

  • We finally reported in Tourism class and I thought it was pretty darn good. We had over 60 attractions for the USA, but more than that, I think Anna and I looked fab in our reverse american flag outfits. I love prettyfying myself when I go to school because it's so rare. And I finally wore a scarf from my uncle! Big feat for me as I don't really dress up for school.

  • Thursday afternoon we had another talk for our BC 196 class and the speaker brought a vest that journalists wear when they're in warzones and wow those things are heavy! I tried it on and I felt like I was lifting weights! And supposedly that's the lightest one. Wow, I need to build up my body if I want to do that kind of stuff (not that I do.)

  • Friday was a no class day again, but we had to do some work for our Comm 110 report, so back to the station for us. Unfortunately the person we wanted to interview wasn't there, so we'd have to go back another day. Since I was there, Kelly allowed me to talk with her on air and it was surreal. I read two news items (and wrote them) and an AOB, and I didn't commit too many mistakes.

  • Lucky for us though, because there was free pizza in the afternoon! Nothing beats free food, and it's pizza at that! I was supposed to watch Wall-E that evening, but things didn't push through. I wonder when I'll finally get to watch that movie. I'm so proud. i was in Galleria with money and I didn't go crazy in Bayo! I ended up buying things I actually needed. Go me.

  • Saturday was spent in my grandma's house. It was my grandfather's death anniversary. But because Ate Arlene asked me and Anna to go interview Kenyo for her, we headed back to the station (and it was raining -- I was soaked!!!). Still, it was refreshing to interview such a great band that had absolutely no ego. They were so nice and just totally down to earth. It was fab to hear them play live too.

  • And I can't believe I'm down to Sunday again. I'm waiting for the closing ceremonies to happen and I'm really going to miss the Olympics. This was the first time I really followed it, not just one sport. I especially enjoyed the water sports (duh) and the gymnastics. But even the other sports were fun to watch. I can't believe I'l have to wait 4 more years. Next time though, I'll be there watching it live. Watch out London.

  • And an omen!!! We just saw Patricia Hizon and Vitto Lazatin do their extro on the Beijing Olympics and it hit me! What an omen! when you combine their names, it equals me! Therefore, I shall be at the London Olympics. It's a stretch, but who knows, if I dream big enough, it might just happen.

    maybe more exposure will desensitize this feeling but why is it the more i see you, the more i want you?

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