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Back For Good

There may be wars in some parts of the world. And poverty rages on in other parts. But my part of the world is now okay because Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together!!! ♥

Okay, so they have not confirmed it yet, but doesn't that picture just make it all very real?! My happiness goes beyond words! I can't even express how ecstatic I am. This is the perfect way to end my week!!! I think they're so perfect together, so I was devastated when they broke up. But now!!! They're baaaack!!!!

Kill me for not having watched The Notebook, but when they won best kiss at the MTV movie awards, I fell off my seat from all that hotness. I recently re-watched it and my standards for crushing on boys went up! It's Ryan Gosling or nothing now!

See! It is possible for me to like a guy and like the girl he's dating. I don't hate everyone! In fact, these two, I love them more when they're together than when they're apart!!! So kudos to them for getting back together. There is hope for Hollywood romances after all.

Here's to hoping this one ends up in a white wedding that doesn't end up in divorce. Oh I can dream. But these kids being happy together is making me soooo very happy.
Tags: i ship, rachel mcadams, ryan gosling
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