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Dress Up Barack!

Because I can't even be making this up... You know how when you were young, we had paper dolls of Barbie or some random Disney character that you could dress up? I even remember Pamy making her own paper dolls using newsprint.

Her detailed dolls were ten thousand times better than my lame-ass versions. I distinctly remember the necks of my dolls were always too thin so when I'd cut around it, it would be too weak and my paper dolls ended up decapitated.

Anyway, you all know how much I love Barack Obama, so it was nice to dig up this little gem! He's got paper dolls too! So McCain has some too, but Barack looks fab even in 2D! What's next, an animated TV show perhaps? Bring it on
The race for the White House is heating up and Dover has the perfect novelty items to help you commemorate one of the most electric election years in American history! These collectible paper doll sets feature realistically rendered paper dolls of Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama, their wives, plus casual and formal outfits they wore during the campaign. [Dover Publications]
There better be some Versace in there. After all, Barack is the best dressed!
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