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The Daily Ten

Breakfast of Non-Champions
Breakfast of Non-ChampionsPhoto taken by me
If Phelps eats 12,000 calories, this was all I was supposed to consume last week during my unscheduled illness. Nowhere near 12,000 and nowhere as tasty. But I wasn't sick all week. In fact, the week started out pretty good.

As I said before, non-picture taking means I'm not feeling good and I guess the lack of photos (I think I took three pictures?) means I felt terrible. Plus, I was able to stay away from the computer for days! Only sickness could keep me away.

  • Instead of getting to go home early on Monday, I was 'forced'/required to attend the lecture on Plagiarism. I've heard the lecture three times from my own professor, but it was nice to hang out with friends in the freezing new TV studio.

  • Tourism takes only half a day, so I was able to spend Tuesday afternoon at The Block! My dad had to have his brand new manual treadmill checked on so we had that fixed. I was so tempted to go to Bayo to check out the dress I've been eyeing, but I didn't. Good girl!

  • And because we're producing a TV mini-series for BC 130, we ended up dividing into teams for the production on Wednesday. I volunteered for catering (hello Chowking), publicity, events and documentation (again). Yes, that's a lot, but I guess we'll be working in teams, so it shouldn't be too bad.

  • Wednesday afternoon, Anna and I drop by Max again and though we're no longer interns, it's so much fun to just hang out there. This is going to be a good distraction for us.

  • Because it's our Tourism exam the next day, I take an extra large cup of espresso and eat a bit of nuts while studying. This was how the sickness began!!! And ever since then I've been throwing up etc. Not fun at all.

  • After Thursday's sick exam taking, I slept the ENTIRE afternoon and woke up late for my Friday class. Luckily, my prof was still later. We're already doing chapter 4! I swear, the progress we do in the class amazes me. I can't wait to have this thing book bind!!!!

  • Because we had no class in the afternoon, we end up back at Max! Lucky us because we ended up getting treated to lunch! I know I wasn't supposed to be eating anything bad, but I couldn't resist Japanese food!!! The car ride was super laugh trip because it was traffic but my passengers kept making us laugh with their crazy stories. Anna and I couldn't believe our luck.

  • And it was hello long weekend! On Saturday, I woke up late but still went with my family to Galleria to bring Pietro to practice. It was nice to walk around though I stayed away from Bayo again! I swear that store is going to suck all my money away!!! We ate at Tokyo Tokyo for snacks and their Japanese wraps are soooo good. It's like the equivalent of the KFC Go-Go! The Chicken one was fabulous!

  • Sunday was another lazy day. I had to wake up early because I was the only person who hadn't gone to mass. I fell asleep the night before. Because Ateneo had won another game, my dad ended up treating us to dessert at Cafe Breton in Trinoma! I can't get enough of their salmon crepe and their dessert crepes! Pamy and I ended up splitting two crepes to feel less guilty about eating twice.

    Thanks Rule no. 12. Totally made my day.

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