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Because the Olympics isn't just about Michael Phelps

  • I'm sure NBC really wanted to show us the different 'hand signals' used during beach volleyball. Then again, why don't they just show us the variation of signals used in normal volleyball? Oh yeah, cause they aren't wearing bikinis while!!! Oh NBC, stop pretending. [NBC Olympics]

  • So much for camaraderie! Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian said he'd quit the sport after walking out at the awarding ceremony just cause he got the bronze! He even threw his medal on the floor. Wow dude, I know you're pressured and disappointed, but where's the sportsmanship? [Telegraph]

  • Oh Spanish team! You guys are hot, but somewhat on the racist fence. I'm not offended or anything, but I guess some Chinese are. Not just once, but twice, they pose with their hands pulling at their eyes as if doing the "chinky eye." Something doesn't seem quite right here. [Gawker]

  • Ouch! I cringed when I saw Hungarian weight lifter Janos Baranyai dislocate his elbow as he tried to lift this ginormous barbel. That looked freaking painful, man. I so feel for you. This picture does not look like fun at all. [Daily Mail]

  • Because ten days after the Opening Ceremonies, I'm STILL not over it! Yes, everything seems to be fake (according to British reports -- can anyone spell AFRAID!?), but I don't care. The point was to put on a show and that they did. I'm still rewatching it over and over, because no matter what they say, Zhang Yimou is fab! []

  • But wait, I just had to. Supposedly, this person is dating MY Michael Phelps!? Who you? I refuse to put her name here. Some model apparently. Whatever, I believe Mike when he says he has no energy for the ladies right now. Objectively speaking, she may be a model, but he could so do better. PS, he could be dating this person too, but whatevs. Neither is good enough!!! [Telegraph]
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