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Eight Days A Week

The Nine
The NinePhotos taken by me
This week was full of ups and downs and lots and lots of surprises. I was out of the house every day and almost every night. Sure, I got tired and had absolutely no form of exercise (with no excuse, as my relatives are gone), it was a pretty memorable week. I wouldn't mind having more weeks like this at all.

  • Because we had a relatively 'heavy' (read: drama-filled) lunch time, Anna and I had to de-stress and what better way than to drop by the Max FM station. Seriously, that place is happiness heaven. It has such a positive vibe about it. It was like we didn't stop being interns at all.

    We saw so many familiar faces (Kuya Rolly at the entrance of Jollibee plaza, Ma'am Bing at the door, Kuya Gani at the desk, Ate Arlene!!!) and before we knew it, we were already back to interning duties -- stamping tickets. I swear, we're probably the only interns to have such an emotional attachment to their place of internship. I miss that place so much.

  • I love how in Tourism, we totally get to bargain with our professor. She is the sweetest woman alive and in a room full of freshmen, she can't say no. But then again, scheduling our long exam for the day after next (it was Tuesday and she was saying Thursday), that would have been waaay unreasonable. Imagine memorizing 48 Countries' worth of attractions and locations. Not fun. Luckily, we got to bargain it to next Thursday and with less countries. Oh the joys of Tourism.

  • Funny story: Nikki called me Monday night to tell me that I had to pick up our tickets to Alicia Keys for Tuesday. I fell asleep and apparently, she calls again telling me NOT to pick up the tickets anymore. We have some meaningful conversation and that was that.

    Tuesday afternoon, I go to MTV to pick up the tickets and apparently, they're not there anymore. I tell this to Nikki and she tells me that we talked the night before. Thing is, I totally remember talking to her, except for the part where she tells me NOT to pick up the tickets. Lesson learned: Do not tell me anything important if I was asleep prior to talking to you. I will NOT remember anything.

  • Then there's the actual concert! Again, Alicia Keys is just made of all kinds of awesome. I couldn't have asked for better seats. It was so fab seeing Sophie (work that backstage pass) and all the other artistas! There were countless basketball players, Mo Twister, the BC 130 panelist, Juddha Paolo, Chad from PDA, Roxie Barcelo, Vernie Varga, and sooooo many former Povedans. Promise. Everywhere I looked there was a Povedan. But really, the main attraction was the fantabulous Ms. Keys. Can't wait for her to come back.

  • Wednesday was sort of 'heavy' again, but it ended up not being too dramatic. I was sooo tired from the night before that I went home to rest before heading to Galleria for My Sassy Girl with Pamy (who wasn't late at all), Tam and Anna. I never win anything at movie premiers! It's alright though, scoring free tickets is enough of victory for me.

  • For BC 196, we had to go rappelling at Quezon City Circle. I swear our prof is the absolute best. After his usual lunch treat, he even bought us dessert! We're so spoiled with this man. I wish him all the fabulous karma.

    I thought I could hack rappelling. Apparently, I wasn't so brave. The guys instructing us were really nice, but somehow when you're there, hanging by a very sturdy harness (it's still just a string), and you're controlling the way you fall, it's not so easy after all. I was so stiff. Why did it seem so much easier before?

  • My professor cancels our BC 199 (thesis proposal) class because she has a meeting, but alas, we're already in school and we have afternoon class, so instead Sophie and I tag along with Anna as she got extremely long hair (by my standards) trimmed at Bench Fix near our house. It was fun to just hang out outside CMC.

  • After my afternoon class, we had to consult with our former Comm Res 101 professor regarding our shortened paper for the Comm Res Congress and boy do we have a lot of work to do!!! I thought that phase of my life was over, apparently not as we have a lot of revising to do. Nooooo!!!!

  • My Friday evening made up for any negative thing that happened this week though. Monday, people at the Max office invited me and Anna (their favorite interns, or so I'd like to believe) to their anniversary party at Pacha in Malate. I couldn't believe we were even invited cause it was a client's only party, but Anna and I got all dolled up and trekked all the way to Manila! Thank god there wasn't any traffic.

    I almost didn't go, because the Beijing Olympics Opening was on the same night. Lucky me, I caught the opening before leaving the house. But believe me, I was getting sooooo lazy, I almost called Anna up asking if she still wanted to go.

  • I'm not a club/bar person at all. I haven't been to Embassy or Fiamma or Temple or (insert any bar's name here) so I wasn't too sure how to dress or what the hell I was supposed to do (loser, much?) So I'm super grateful that Anna was there to make me feel less out of place and more at ease with myself.

    The open bar was of no use to me as I don't really drink and I was too afraid to drink anything and have to drive going home. I asked for a Shirley Temple and they spiked it it with vodka! I couldn't drink it. Wow it didn't taste good. I ended up drinking a virgin Pepsi, which got all the DJs teasing me on my non-drinking status.

  • Seeing our boss there was a little frightening, but he was super nice to us and when we knew that he knew we were there, things got better. Then we got some pretty shocking news that made me go, "afraid!" all night, but it was all good as we hung out around the bar. I wish we won prizes though! They were giving away PSPs and mobile phones! Damn I wanted to be a sponsor at that point.

  • And because Ateneo won their game Saturday, my dad treated us to dinner at Kimono Ken at The Block. I had tempura and fried rice. I swear I cannot get sick of Japanese food. It's physically impossible. My dad promised that for every win (on weekends) of the Blue Eagles, we'd eat out. And if they won on weekdays, we'd order in. Hail Mary! Bless those Eagles! I want yummy food!!!

  • I ended the week by being a dutiful sister/daughter to Pietro instead of studying for Tourism or reading BC 130 readings. So responsible! I ended up walking around Galleria for 3 hours and I have to congratulate myself for NOT spending on anything, though I was so tempted to buy a dress in Bayo! The mall was on sale and I just got my allowance. Not a good combination. But yes, I have self-control (monetarily, that is -- otherwise, I'm still a loose canon).

    6/7 days this week -- that should last me a lifetime, but really, it just makes me want 7/7

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