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Could Be Anything

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Not so lucky Eighth WeekPhotos taken by me
This week felt like it didn't happen. I remember a beginning and an ending, but the in-between was very much a blur. Not good. I wish my life were more memorable, that way, when I actually get to documenting it, it's sort of worth something. Nevertheless, I'm eight weeks into school and the work has definitely landed.

  • The State of the Nation Address of the President of the Philippines (I refuse to name her, lest this turns political, and we all know that isn't my specialty) and I thought I would be free of my Monday morning class. But alas, we still had BC 190. I'm not going to complain though, because class-wise, this is my favorite subject already.

  • I knew that getting home would be terrible, but I stayed in school for a bit more to shoot our BC 130 program critique. I really absolutely love my group. The most efficient and fun people I know. Four of the handful of people I truly trust in the batch right now. I can't wait 'til I can finally breathe easy of ALL the drama.

  • I don't think I've ever gotten caught in the middle of SONA-related traffic so this was a first for me. I was let off by the jeepney right on the island in front of Capitol Hills, except that I refuse to cross Commonwealth Avenue (which had one lane closed and the other lane becoming two lanes). Luckily, after much begging, the SWAT guys allowed me to enter the barricaded area just so I could get on the overpass.

  • I love my Tourism 102 class just because it's so different from the fast paced, cut throat CMC attitude. Everyone is so relaxed and soooooo nice. The LCD projector wasn't available for the reports so instead of forcing the reporters to do their thang, our prof totally let us off. So sweet of her! Makes me wonder if I'm in the right course.

  • I treated Nikki to a Mamma Mia! on her birthday and she treated me to lunch beforehand. The movie was fabulous and because I had no idea what it was about, it was wonderful not to get spoiled or anything. I am so in love with the music that I've been listening to the OST non-stop. I wish I lived in Greece and had a former girlband member as a mom and had three hot dads who can all sort of sing. Thanks Nikki! i had so much fun!

  • We learned about fire protection in BC 196 and it intrigued me that call centers don't have fire alarms and instead have strobe lights as their warning. Nifty huh? Then I remembered Janet Jackson's song "Rock With U" and realized that strobe lights do not make everything sexier.

  • Thursday evening I realize that we have to cough up some sort of shortened paper for the Comm Res Congress that we got chided into joining so Dewey's Dawgz had an unplanned reunion over cyberspace as we whacked off pages upon pages of our 121 page paper. It was no joke removing information, but we managed to trim it down to 25 pages exactly. Then our mentor/prof saw the paper and told us we had to revise some more. Hello more work.

  • I haven't gotten around to doing my half of the study framework for our thesis, but I will tomorrow. I promise. My oh so diligent partner, Anna already coughed up her part so that means I must vomit mine out asap. Lovely. I'm going to be dating Littlejohn for a bit again.

  • Of course, Ana and I recorded another episode of Nizzle N Pizzle and that was so much fun because I got to hang out not just with Ana, but her sisters too! I'm down to one sister left to meet, but the Alcala girls are so fab! I can't wait to eat more fried chicken with them.

  • It was my org's anniversary party Friday night and after hanging with Ana that rainy afternoon I was in a serious lethargic mode. I just wanted to sleep and collapse onto my bed. But then I realized this would be my LAST one as a member. And I owe so much to the org. So I put on my pinky dress and grabbed a mask and drove myself to the venue, which was like 8 minutes away from the house.

  • Seeing the alumni was the highlight of the evening. As much as I love the young kids of the org, they're creating a new culture for MCO which I totally love too, but I'll always consider the oldies as what I knew MCO to be. It's funny cause all of them are working and talking about taxes and paychecks and old stuff. Still, it was nice to catch up. I really hope to see more of them.

  • For once in my life, I got home later than Pamy! Thirty minutes later to be exact! I'm so proud of myself. I stayed out that late? Not really.

  • Pietro took the UPCAT today and I was probably more nervous for him than he was for himself. Pietro never really talks about anything, but this boy is the most hardworking, studious, diligent student ever and he deserves to get into UP Diliman under the course of his choice. I wasn't that hardworking in high school. If I could give up my slot just to make sure he gets in, I actually would. I'm crossing my fingers and praying 'til those damn results come out. Come pray with me!

    I think I'm ready to accept what this really is

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