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Need Style. Now.

  • What a difference 3 years better stylists and a hit tv show makes. The cast of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 have seriously upgraded their getups to the premiere of their movie. 2005 was like prom-ish. 2008 says red carpet ready. Although Blake Lively stuck with the orange palette, she looks waaaaay better (different nose?) And of course, America Ferrera looks amazing. This is what success brings. Ride the wave, girls. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]

  • This little fashionista cannot just be 12 years old! She describes herself as a "mix of Little Lulu and Iggy Pop". Dude, you're stylish! When I was 12, I was in baggy jeans and big tshirts that did not do anything for me. This girl is working it! I'm really jealous! [Fashion Pirates]

  • I get dyeing your hair. I do. In fact, I had my hair colored for my birthday. No, it's not obvious. Yes, you can take a closer look next time we see each other. But dyeing your Betty is just a little too strange for me. So you want your hair up there and down there to match? I guess if you think about it, there is some logic to it, but it's just not the first thing I would think of when I say dye my hair. Don't knock it till you've tried it though, right? [Radar Online]

  • I have no idea if these jeans will stay put, but hey, say hello to "innovation." Welcome Glue Jeans. They're exactly what you think they are. No need for sewing it together, because the jeans come glued together. I'd hate to pop out of these jeans when I eat too much though. [Republica Update]

  • Raise your hand if you're a man and want to wear pantyhose/tights but feel ostracized by society for the norms that dictate it isn't 'right' to wear them? Well fear not, because E-Mancipate is here to fight for your rights. I wouldn't know why you'd want to wear pantyhose though, I personally don't enjoy it, but to each his own. I'm all for equality here. [Fashion Police]

  • So apparently, there's some sort of fascination obsession with mustache-themed items. You can find 272 mustache-related items on this site. Why? I have no idea. But then I checked it out and found this and this and this cute. So really, why not right? Random, but cute! [Etsy]
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