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Seventh Non-Heaven
Seventh Non-HeavenPhotos taken by me
This week was busy for different reasons. Academics wise, it was a bit lighter. I didn't have class Monday and Wednesday, but because my relatives from the US are still here (and our org's anniversary), I was still very busy. A good busy though. Still, I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who crave being busy. Nothing beats being a bum. Wow, I sounded really lethargic there.

  • I went to Greenhills on Monday for the first time in a long time and it was fun to just go shopping. My uncle, Tito Dennis came along so it was like having a personal stylist choose clothes for you. Way fun! Yes, the guilt after buying clothes settled, but then I consoled myself with the fact that they were cheap.

  • I owe Ivy and Jean the world for saving my ass ten thousand times during our org's anniversary week. They did everything and they did it brilliantly. The best project heads any director could ever ask for. I super owe them the world.

  • I hooked my Tito up with his old friend, who also happens to be a lecturer in my college. It was funny because the first time I saw that prof I was totally reminded of my Tito. Apparently, they've been friends since forever. It was nice to know I was able to reunite the 'witches of eastwick' (they're words, not mine).

  • I ended up 'mall-hopping' after my Tourism class. Tiendesitas (where I bumped into Sophie), Eastwood for snacks and Trinoma for shoe shopping. I can do anything with my uncle and have serious fun.

  • Because we had no class for BC 130, but needed to get down to business, Anna, Tracey, James and Sophie came over to my house to get dirty with Dyesebel. We have no idea if what we're doing is correct, but we watched a lot of Dyesebel and I really just hope we all do well for our program critique.

  • That afternoon, I end up in my grandma's house again and though I was hoping I could go to Shangri-La, cause my uncle hadn't gone to that area yet. Unfortunately, my grandma has a sort of 'my-way-or-the-highway' policy, so instead we ended up in The Block, which is fine too. Just not what I was expecting.

  • I finally had class on Thursday and Tourism was the usual wonderful-ness. Anna is the regular Kuya A of tourism. Whenever there's a technical problem with the laptop or the LCD projector, they immediately look at Anna to fix it. Funny, but probably frustrating for her. I swear, it's so simple, but they rely on Anna.

  • For BC 196, we trekked all the way to Camp Crame's SOCO division -- more commonly known as the Crime Lab. Our tour guide (aka as the head of the division) really looked like a Pinoy Obama to me. It was fun to learn about how fake beer was manufactured and how suicide notes were counterfeited. I felt very safe the entire time, seeing as I was inside a police camp. And yes, I have never seen so many police at once without fearing I was going to get stopped for some traffic violation.

  • It was my aunt's birthday that day so our family had dinner at Shanghai Bistro in Eastwood and for some reason, I never get sick of their food no matter how many times we've eaten there. It's annoying though because we arrived late because I had to rush to get bananas for Pio (he text late). I swear, I can't be a mom. I will kill my children. Nevertheless, chinese food made my night.

  • We finally had to submit our RRL for BC 199 and that felt good. After working on it for two weeks, it felt good to let it go. I don't know how our professor will feel about it, but I thought we did a pretty thorough review of related literature. I'm so sick of reading theses already.

  • Comm 110 was cut short because our professor wanted us to attend my org's forum on conflict journalism. That was a win-win situation for me. I have to congratulate the Kay and the entire Research and Academics Training Team of our org for the super duper successful forum. The auditorium was packed not just with UP students, but people from other schools too. The speakers were funny yet knowledgeable. It was fab!

  • Of course, Ana and I recorded yet another podcast, but because I had to do grocery shopping with my mom and pick up Pamy from the MRT station/drive my Tita back home, I ended up editing really late into the night. All was well eventually as we hung with Tito Dennis, listening to him tell stories about his work in the movie industry when he was still in Manila. All I can say is, wow, he's got life experience enough for him and me and my sibling combined.

  • I ended the week with yet another birthday. Not just my Dad's but Ana's too! The entire family gathered to eat and magic sing at the house yesterday and it was uber fun. We were complete again so that made things even better. PB called via Skype so technically we were complete. I can't wait till the day when we really are all physically complete.

    you don't realize but please quit playing games with my heart

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