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Can I (Magic) Sing?

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“Happy Birtday Daddy! So today is not just my dad's birthday, but also my good friend Ana Alcala's birthday. Instead of going to Tagaytay with Ana, I spent the day obviously celebrating with my father and my entire family on my mom's side.

We did nothing but eat and have so much fun. It started around before noon and did nothing but keep eating and eating and eating. And then we ate some more. Did I just say eated?

Anyway it was funny because my family is addicted to Magic Sing and the entire afternoon until the evening we did nothing but sing. And believe me, my family cannot sing. Of course that never stopped anyone.

From "Dancing Queen" to "All For Love," and any song really. I did renditions of "Pieces of Me" and "25 Minutes" by Michael Learns to Rock. But I'm serious, it's crazy how nobody has any shame in my family.

And it's funny because my little niece, Julia and her mom, Jo came over and we just had no shame. I mean it's okay to have no shame cause they're family but it's funny because no one could hold a tune and it was already raining so hard from all the singing.

And yet no one could be stopped. Tito Dennis was dancing and dancing and dancing. And most of it was caught on video thanks to Nikki so now we have years of proof of shame was we watch back on how we were dancing to "Like a Virgin" and how we all group-sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

But there, I guess it's just really fun to have your family around. Even if I have a lot of work to think about, for a few hours, rather for a day, I got to really enjoy.

Happy Birthday again, Dad! Here's to more Magic Sing.”

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