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Ransom Kidnapped Courier!

  • What if fonts were people? This crazy video showcases not just a kidnapping, but a superhero, a villain and a conference of fonts. It's hilarious. [College Humor]

  • Move over metrosexual, ubersexual and whatever-else sexual is out there, cause there's a new --sexual in town. Meet the Gastrosexual and for some reason, I feel like I can benefit from this the most. How can I resist a man can cook?! [Radar Online]

  • As if their first ads weren't misleading (yet hot) enough, Gossip Girl releases even 'racier' (and more misleading) ads featuring quotes against them by critics. Gotta love the tongue in cheek attitude of Josh and co. Who cares?! I just want my UES weekly fix back!!!! F*ck! I want me some Chuck! [ONTD]

  • And because I'm an avid McDonalds consumer, I thought this campaign was pretty neat. Seriously. Looking at the egg crack every morning and closing back up when breakfast is no longer served is a good gimmick. Plus, it looks cute too! [Coloribus]

  • I swear these Apple folk just keep 'em coming. There's a rumor brewing that a MacBook Touch is coming out soon. Wait, what?! Basically, it's a hybrid of everything they've ever sold! If this is true, I can only imagine how long that line will be before opening day. [Gizmodo]

  • And finally, because I can't resist cuteness. I wish bears stayed this small forever. Watch as this little baby bear struggles to stay awake. You're not alone honey. This is me everyday at school. Only you're a bizillion times cuter than me as I slap and pinch myself to wake up. [YouTube]
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