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When Did the Days Go Missing?

Slow Sixth?
Six Already?Photo taken by me
I'm sort of losing track of the days that go by already and it's only been six (?) weeks in. Work has added up, but still manageable. Org work was a little more too, but I've got such a fab team, I can't complain.

Little less drama on the academic front this week -- or maybe that's because I haven't been in Mass Comm as much. Or maybe it's the fact that Tito Dennis and Tita Lilet are back in town, so I'm distracted a lot. Just 280 days left after all, I can hack this.

  • We got dismissed really early for BC 190, my ONLY Monday class, so Anna and I spent the morning in the library doing more thesis work. I'm consistently amazed at the determination and drive of my partner. I am not half the hard worker, so it's good she's there to motivate me. I can't imagine doing this alone or with anyone else.

  • That afternoon we attended the BC Seniors-Freshman Interaction Party which I thought was fabulous! it's a shame those freshies didn't show up because it would have been so much fun. Good for us though, we got more food and more fun. Jervi and Meg as hosts were so crazy. That could have been the program itself.

  • I love Tuesdays for the fact that I only have Tourism and it lasts an hour. With reports though, it's a hit and miss. It surprised me just how relaxed (read: uncompetetitve) the Tourism majors were. Maybe because a lot were in their freshman year but there is a HUGE difference between Mass Comm students and the Tour folk. I'm enjoying the relaxed atmosphere a lot though.

  • After lecture on Wednesday, I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately, I had a meeting for my org that afternoon and I was so tired already so I begged off and asked our chair, Dreo if I could ditch it. And he allowed me! Thank god for competent team mates though who have been saving my ass all week. I swear, I can't be a leader of the team!!! I wish I were still a member, I'm no good with responsibility!!!

  • I hung out with Sophie after class and this girl is just too much fun. I hate how we never get to spend time together anymore because we're both so busy despite the fact that we're classmates in two subjects! It was nice to be able to talk to her again, even if it was just mostly me complaining. She's such a sweetheart for even listening.

  • And yet another Tourism class on Thursday which I find weird because there's just one day gap in between classes. I slept for only a bit that morning because I got in late from my grandma's house because we have balikbayans in town! Still, I survived class.

  • That afternoon we had to go to PHIVOLCS where we found out that over 20 earthquakes occur each day! Their intensity and magnitude may not be high enough to be registered, but nothing crazy. This totally rebuked the July 18 8.1 earthquake rumor that got a lot of people scared (including myself for a bit).

  • The guy who gave the talk (who we presumed was gay) was fabulous in a really intelligent-geek way. He knew so much about seismology and was able to really explain things to us in layman's terms without overwhelming us with information. This confirmed the fact that I would really want an intelligent boyfriend. Not necessarily book smart, though it doesn't hurt, but someone who really knows his stuff (whatever it is) and someone I can learn from. It's funny how I confirm a trait I want in a boyfriend from a gay man. Oh the irony.

  • And because I had no 199 Friday morning, I headed over to Trinoma right after class so I could hang with Tito Dennis again! We had merienda at Red Ribbon and it was just so much fun laughing with him. This guy is super duper crazy. So it's so much fun to have him around.

  • As mentioned, 199 was a 'research' break but because Anna and I are sort of done 'researching' for our RRL (but not necessarily done writing it), I took the morning off and hung out with Tito Dennis again, this time at The Block. I think we're going to tick off all the malls in Manila before he leaves. This time, Tita Lilet had arrived too so it was even crazier. If only I didn't have 110 that afternoon, I would have hung out with them all day!

  • Alas, 110 actually exists, so I had to rush back to UP before 1pm, only to find out I wasn't late at all and was in fact, the first person inside the entire freaking classroom! Thank goodness the class was short because all I could think of was to go home! Unfortunately, we already have a report due for this class next week. Ew. I hate reports. But hey, shouldn't complain. There ain't going to be no exam here.

  • Of course Friday afternoons are meant to spend with Ana. After our usual icecream at Ministop, we recorded yet another podcast and ate popcorn and drank really good juice. I'm glad I have this sort of ritual with her at the end of the week. It keeps me sane.

  • As if I hadn't seen enough of my relatives, we head over to my grandma's house again to have a pizza dinner and just hang out. Being almost complete is always nice. My crazy family assures a crazy night and laughtrip all the way. Pamy arrives waaaay late and misses everything and everyone. Hardest worker ever.

  • And because Saturday was my grandma's birthday, we once again head over to her house and spend the ENTIRE DAY there eating, doing karaoke and fawning over my favorite niece and the most adorable little girl in the ENTIRE world, Julia.

  • It was a long day of running after Julia, playing with her and doing some Magic Sing on the side, but it was so much fun. I'll make another post of her pictures and the crazy intelligent things she said. This little girl is actually an adult underneath that OH SO FREAKING adorable exterior. She's witty and smart and just plain cute. I can't wait to see her again.

  • Today, I think we're heading to Mall of Asia to watch The Dark Knight on IMAX!!! It's a cousin outing, so it should be fun. I don't know if I'm ready to see Heath Ledger as Joker on a really really big ass screen though. That should be interesting.
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