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  • What's up with this week's sensuality theme?! Everyone looked so off that it was so hard to watch. It was just painful. I'm just so disturbed.

  • The lighting was terrible tonight. Everyone looked so bad with the lights. And I find that their LCD backdrop is not mounted right. When the scholars get their close-ups there's a black bar behind them instead of the entire LCD screen. Not good to look at. This is the BC student coming out.

  • The styling was horrific! I can count on one hand the people that looked halfway decent. Everyone was just blah or eww.

  • I pity Mr. C. The group performance was a chore to watch. There was no harmonizing, no blending. It felt very disjointed and didn't even feel like ONE song. People kept forgetting lines and it was just bad bad bad.

  • Sen was probably the highlight of my night -- looks-wise. Though 3 of us have confirmed his gay-ness, including my gay uncle, I still love him. I guess the sensuality in his song was his very unbuttoned shirt, but at least he looked fab!

  • I enjoyed Bugoy and Laarni's performances the best. Laarni totally owned the song, while Bugoy's voice was of course flawless. If one of them isn't star scholar and it once again goes to Liezel, whom I thought was pretty good too, but not better than Bugoy and Laarni, I don't know anymore.

  • Van and Cris were alright vocally, but visually it was off. I don't know how Van could go wrong with his white tshirt and pants outfit but it looked off. And his bed couch with the roses was just such a hard sell for his song (guess what it was). I expected Cris to shine in this week because slutiness sensuality is her expertise, but alas, it was just bad.

  • Liezel and Apple were alright. I thought Liezel was her usual good self, but she didn't wow me this week. Apple's mustache is disturbing me, but her vocals were alright. I wasn't feeling the sexiness with her performance. And her outfit was just horrendous. It would have been a better performance if I wasn't so distracted by the outfit she was wearing.

  • Christian's performance was awkward and it's sad cause I liked the song. We were watching with first time viewers (my relatives) and everyone was trying to figure out whether Christian was a boy/girl old/young. His voice was just alright, nothing spectacular -- as usual.

  • Inaki and Bunny were just not good. They deserve being in the bottom 4. I just couldn't take Inaki's performance. He massacred Kiss!!! I love that song. Favorite Prince song ever and he just shit on it. Bunny just made me want to sleep. Not good. She looked so happy to be in the bottom 4. Does she want to join Chivas perhaps?

  • However, nothing beats lovebirds/probationary scholars/opening numbers Miguel and Bea. Miguel was NOT his usual good self. His song was just not sensual and NOT sung well. He better be glad Louie Ocampo was nice to him, because he could have been brutal. Bea on the other hand. Well from her looks to her voice to her performance, everything was NOT GOOD.

  • Obviously I was happy to find out that she got a mere 25% of the votes. It didn't seem like Miguel was too sad to see her leave either. I smell a break-up coming along! I'm just glad she's gone. She so deserved it.
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