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About the LiveJournal

Say Anything chronicles my life, musings and ramblings on almost anything. Originally on Blurty (because LiveJournal still needed one of those activation codes that I didn't know where I could get), I used to update mostly narrative style accounts of my days in high school. A year later, I transferred to LJ and haven't turned back since. Then my dad made the best investment ever. He blessed us with 24-hour DSL Internet connection and life was changed forever. I discovered the wonders of the World Wide Web and became a compulsive link clicker. This widened my horizons and my topics of interest even more random than before. Mostly containing my delusions of grandeur and microfame, Say Anything also touches on celebrity, movies, television, and the occasional real life ramble.


» Patty is like Katie [Holmes] because she can rock the head scarf. -- Anna
» Patty is like Kristen Bell as gossip girl because even if I don't see her all the time, her quirky commentaries and helpful advice put a smile on my face (and the reason why I said Kristen Bell is because unlike gossip girl, I do see Patty once in a while and like Kristen, just as fabulously wonderful!) -- celeni
» Patty is like bubblegum dynamite because she's sweet, explosive and when it gets into your hair, it'll stick and there's no way of getting it off. -- caen_le_comte
» Patty is like: the bonus features on a DVD because she adds something extra special to what you get. -- derschatzi
» Patty is like a bubbly girl!because she has a lot to say about tv shows and her daily life. it's a good thing though. i love reading your reviews on tv shows and you write them well. :) -- letskilljoy
» Patty is like ice cream because she will just melt your heart. - sofiabellissima
» Patty is like a surferdude, coz she's stoked on life! -- stillprincess

Fandoms & Ships

Navid/Adrianna, Liam/Naomi, Teddy/Silver; 90210 «
Vaughn/Sydney, Jack/Irina; Alias «
Ryan/Simon; American Idol «
Booth/Brennan, Hodgins/Angela, Hodgins/Zack; Bones «
Chuck/Sarah, Awesome/Ellie, Chuck/Casey; Chuck «
Pacey/Joey, Dawson/Jen; Dawson's Creek «
Mickey/Rose, 10/Rose, 11/Amy; Dr. Who«
Puck/Quinn, Rachel/Finn, Will/Emma; Glee «
Blair/Chuck, Nate/Serena, Eric/Jonathan; Gossip Girl «
Don/Betty, Sterling/Joan; Mad Men «
Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Morgana; Merlin «
Harrison/Sam, Brooke/Nicole; Popular «
Ned/Chuck, Ned/Olive; Pushing Daisies «
Sid/Cassie, Anwar/Maxxie, Freddie/Effy, JJ/Emily; Skins «
Seth/Summer, Summer/Marissa, Ryan/Taylor; The OC «
Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Carlise/Esme; Twilight «

the _____ to my _____

» the Archie to my Cookie
» the Chuck to my Olive
» the Nikki to my Kristen
» the Jackson to my Ashley
» the Eun Hye Yoo
» the Vaughn to my Sydney
» the Michael to my Kristen
» the Blair to my Chuck
» the Freddie to my Effy
» the Jessica to my Marcus
» the Ashley to my Kristen
» the Ben to my Felicity
» the Joey to my Pacey
» the Celine Dion to my Chris Weitz
» the Lizzie to my Darcy
» the Serena to my Chuck
» the Santana to my Brittany
» the Ryan to my Rachel

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