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That's Right, Put in Work!

If Obama, the busiest guy ever, has time to work out in a gym and finish his rigorous work out by 7:30 in the morning, I have absolutely NO more excuse for my oh so busy lazy ass self.

So how exactly does Obama work out? And more importantly, what does the Democratic Presidential candidate wear when he's flexing those biceps? Politico's spies have the answer.
Obama strolled from set to set in a secret service cap, grey t-shirt, black running pants, white Asics sneakers, white headphones, mostly keeping to himself
So very understated. I'm loving how he listens to music while working out. Some Jay-Z? Or Kanye? Or maybe Britney and Madonna! Or wait! Fergie as she works on her fitness!
Obama ran a full body workout. Standing tricep push downs, elbows tight to his hips. Lying triceps presses but with single 15 lbs dumbbells in each hand, his cap falling off... Though at times Obama did his own thing, focusing mostly on his triceps. [Politico]
So he's a weights guy? I swear I pinned him as a treadmill person. Now where is that guerilla camera-phone video to go with this article?!? I wanna see some weight lifting! I must start my one-hundred-pushup workout now!
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