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It's Like A Bad Movie

Five for Fighting
Five (Weeks) FightingPhoto courtesy of Me
So apparently, I only take pictures when I'm happy. Last week, I took hundreds of pictures. This week, I was able to fit everything into one album. Therefore, I will strive to be happier this week. I need to be positive and cheery! I will be.

Other than annoying academic drama, I realized just who my real friends are. Only real friends love you enough to call you out on your bullshit. It may hurt at first, but you realize it's better that it came from them than someone else who just doesn't give a damn. Thanks to real Lauren Conrad for making sure I didn't turn into a Heidi. I appreciate you.

  • My team finally had our photoshoot for our org's anniversary on Monday. We had it at noontime and it was sweltering hot. Because our team were the 'punks,' we were all in black. Black clothes + noon sun + eyeliner = NOT good. Still, it was fun trying to look all angas. But mostly, it was just me squinting my eyes.

  • Thanks in advanced to Ivy and Jean (the most bibo MPRT kids ever). I wish I were still as active as you guys. Thanks for making this anniversary preparation not my problem. I'm just so grateful. I can't do this without you guys.

  • I thought I was going to be doing something on Tuesday afternoon, so while waiting for that something to happen, I tagged along with Anna to her meeting at Steak MD along Katipunan. Though I already ate lunch, it was so tempting to just order something. But alas, my current state of broke-hood does not allow for lunches out anymore.

  • It was fun though cause while Anna was at her meeting, I was able to catch up with Karol who's leaving for Australia. This only cemented my want to go abroad either to study or work. Now how the hell do I get there? I've got to stock up on brains to bag a scholarship. Work it!

  • Despite having a weird morning, Wednesday afternoon sort of made up for it. I volunteered to be the third representative for a meeting of orgs -- when really, I wasn't even part of the org. So Anna, Caloy and I trek to Vinzon's Hall in search of this elusive talk we're supposed to attend. After a million walks up and down the stairs, talking to folks at OSA, a guy in the USC office (who I didn't even know was the USC Chair Third Bagro), we find out that there is NO meeting. Oh well, the exercise was needed.
    Asan ang Pagasa?
    Nasaan ang Pagasa?Photo courtesy of Me
  • I love Thursdays for the reason that we have 'free lunches' care of our oh so generous professor. This week, we were treated to KFC! We had 100 pesos to spend each so there was more than enough, but because I'm a BIG eater especially at KFC, I couldn't resist the KFC Wicked Meal (which had 1 piece chicken, rice, coleslaw, mushroom soup, a drink and a brownie). How can you even resist, right?

  • It was funny cause Hazel was wearing her ASEAN shirt that day and boy does that bring back so many memories. It was but coincidental that the tarpaulin of the last birthday party was still up at KFC. Hazel and I couldn't resist but pose by it for old times' sake. After all, in hindsight, it wasn't so so so terrible. It was just terrible.
    Pablo's Coming!
    9 More till Bagyong Pablo!Photo courtesy of Me
  • Then we headed over to PAGASA to learn about the different "weather disturbances" in the Philippines and it was quite informative. It became entertaining when people kept making side comments. I don't like storms but it was nice to know what to do when lightning strikes.

  • And apparently, in just NINE storms, my Dad's name will be the storm's name! I don't know how strong Tropical Storm Pablo will be, but I hope it's nothing like my dad's temper, or that will be one crazy thunderstorm. Hello Signal Number 4!!!
    Into the Nautilus!
    Friday with my IzzlesPhoto courtesy of Me
  • For some reason, we found ourselves in Ateneo this Friday. It would be two consecutive weeks that I'm there. Ana and I brought Anna there so she and Tam could go jogging. Fittest couple ever. Maybe not as fit as Fergie and her boy, but hello?! Whatever happened to my plans of jogging with Ana? Lazy-ass forever.

  • While waiting for Tam, we went around Impy Pilapil's art installation called, Interactive: 12 Human Senses. No, I'm no art critic, but I appreciated the installations she had around the campus. I liked Nautilus the best because it felt like a tribal council with lots of bamboo!

  • From there, Ana and I headed over to our favorite Friday hangout place (not Fiamma!) -- MINISTOP!!! Seriously, this place is the shiz. We had our icecream again, but we also had some wicked great Pork Tonkatsu. I'm going to get fat and broke from all this eating at Ministop!

  • But the highlight of my week was recording the first edition of Nizzle N Pizzle with Ana. Content may not be king in our world, but we were just having fun. I'm looking forward to making more of these with her. Plus, it doesn't hurt that her mom fed us fried banana while recording. Yes, I ate a lot that day.

  • Despite having done enough research for our RRL (well at least thesis-wise), I still ended up in the library Saturday. So I read up on more thesis-related love and de-stressed with my library-girls (Hazel, Mara, Mimi, Sophie, Tiffie and Marian) talking about first kisses, ex-boyfriends and whatnot. Thank god the library wasn't so full otherwise the staff would have asked us to get out for being a little too noisy. As usual. That totally made time go by.

  • Finally for dinner, we went to Banana Leaf at the Block with Tito Cholo and Mama Lily. I had the Hainanese Chicken as usual. But what wasn't usual was the fact that I actually dipped it in the red 'spicy' sauce which I don't usually do. I'm trying to branch out into spicy foods now. After all, Mom said it helps you lose weight. Why not, right? But really, I can live on Hainanese Chicken 24/7!!!

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