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Turn Me On

So SimplePhoto from here
If only things were really this simple. Sometimes, I don't believe all that crap that guys are this simple, because really they aren't. In fact, for some reason, they're so hard to decipher. It's not like I'm not obvious. Because I am. But with guys, I can't freaking tell whether it's a stop or go.

If guys were indeed this simple, things would be so much easier for me. I do enjoy this guessing game, because the chase is half the fun. But sometimes, I wish I just knew. So maybe it's a no and he's just being nice to me, but hey at least I know where I stand.

With me, things seem to be the opposite of that photo. I'm either on or off. I come with no fancy buttons or dials to push. So really, all you have to say is no yes (I'm employing the power of attraction here)

If you're ready for me boy, you'd better push the button and let me know

Tags: relationships, rocket man
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