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Been There, Done That

  • So they've abolished the org system. Damn. I was hoping that Bea stunk one more time this weekend, thus bringing down her team's average, thus making them lose. And since I doubt ANYONE else will willfully quit, she'll be on the chopping block. But with this 'unity' shiz, there's no kicking her out now.

  • So they're singing duets this weekend and apparently Bea and Miguel were having problems with their song. I'm going to be mean and say that changing their song isn't going to help. Maybe changing partners will. I'm going to PDA hell with this Bea-hating.

  • Speaking of duets, Pamy sent me a link of Liezl and Bugoy singing "Hanggang" which Miguel sang on Philippine Idol. They were freaking amazing. I thought they would be partners this weekend, but apparently not. Unless I watched/heard wrong. Instead Bugoy is with Apple(which isn't bad either).

  • What's bad is: Sen and CRIS!!! I love Sen (although his overacting to the camera caused him to flub) and hate Cris. So this isn't going to work for me. Can Sen not get paired with ANY other girl?! Bunny? Even Laarni I'll take!!! Just not Cris!!!

  • In fairness to Inaki and Liezl, I felt something, but then Inaki cracked up and that was that. Too bad, they had a fighting chance. I feel like this can work to their advantage.

  • And Laarni can't adjust?! Haller? Wasn't this story line used before already?! Are they still dwelling on this? Have the scriptwriters not come up with anything new?

  • Speaking of repeated storylines, though I feel bad for Bea's lola/lolo (not sure) dying, why did it have to happen now? It feels too cliche -- right after Miguel's grandparent. But hey death is death and I feel bad. I guess death really comes in threes. Oh noes, who's next?

  • And for the record, I'm annoyed that Liezl has won "star scholar" three freaking times in a row. The first one, I sort of get. The second, was pretty deserved (I guess), but this week. NOT EVEN. And Jet's self-kick-out is NOT helping.

  • But the most interesting part of the show was when Mr. C let everyone take Enneagram tests. In fairness, this wasn't good for the show, because instead of watching, I took the damn test. Pretty good results. I rated highest in The Motivator (which I sort of guessed), then The Thinker (which I was shocked to find out) and then The Helper (which was what I thought I would rank highest in). You learn something new everyday

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